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The MCoE helps our partners realize their mobile app aspirations by promoting best practices and providing hands-on consulting and delivery services. View our full list of services below.

  • Engagement
    Engagement Managers assist with mobile app delivery, solution design, and information on agile best practices. The Engagement team is your gateway to accessing MCoE services.
  • Design
    Designing a mobile app? Here you will find resources to help you design high-quality, engaging and brand compliant mobile applications quickly and efficiently.
  • Development
    Questions about mobile app development at KP? Here you will find best practices, reusable modules and other resources to help you painlessly bring your mobile application to market.
  • Certification
    Certification takes your app’s quality to the next level and ensures all KP mobile applications meet KP brand, regulatory and compliance requirements while adhering to national policy.
  • Accessibility
    Best practices in designing and developing your mobile apps to ensure they meet ADA compliance requirements while also adhering to KP national policy.

MCoE Services Model. Intake, engagement, design, development, certification, deployment.

Intake Engagement Design Development Certification Deployment

MCoE Services

Core and investment services overview.

Type MCoE Services
  • Engagement Program Management
  • Certification Program Management
  • Mobile App Distribution Program Management
    (Build & Release to KP App Store)
  • Consulting
    (<5 hours of UX/UI Design, Development & DevOps)
  • Reusable Code Libraries & Design Kits
  • Custom Mobile App Delivery for iOS & Android
    (UX/UI Design, Development & DevOps)
  • Ideation Sessions, Wireframes, Prototyping & Proof of Concept Development
  • Communications Program Enablement

MCoE Services Within App Lifecycle

MCoE offers consulting services at every stage of the app lifecycle.

Cycle State MCoE Services
  • Ideation consulting
  • Visual prototyping
  • Strategy consulting
  • Project & program management
  • Scrum master
Product management
  • Product management consulting
  • Design standards
  • Design consulting
  • Usability testing & UX research
  • Development standards
  • Development consulting
  • Reusable components
  • Devops pipeline
  • Devops pipeline
  • Device cloud
  • Legal
  • Security & compliance
  • Code Design
  • UX/UI & Brand
  • Operations
  • Devops consulting
  • Devops pipeline
  • Private distribution
  • Public distribution
  • Operations consulting

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