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Kaiser Permanente Application Portfolios

Graphic letter C for consumer

User: KP members
Apps are available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the KP App Store.

Graphic letter P for Provider
User: Medical staffs
Apps are available on the KP App Store via KP-managed devices.
Graphic letter W for workforce
User: KP employees
Apps are available on the KP App Store via KP-managed devices.

Application Categories

Each audience – ConsumerProvider and Workforce – contains 3 categories of mobile applications that may be designed, developed, certified and/or managed by the Mobility Center of Excellence.


New application developed and maintained for KP, by KP. Beginning with a qualified idea, custom applications are conceptualized, then built with in-house design and development teams to support the organization’s mobility strategy. 

White Label

Vendor-sourced, existing application with KP branding and UX/UI customizations.

Third Party

Turnkey, existing application for distribution to KP network. These mobile applications have been designed and developed outside of KP and are used to enhance KP productivity.

Application Grades and Deployment Types

Application Delivery

Application may have restricted access and can be delivered:

  • On iOS devices
  • On Android devices
  • As Pilot application
  • As a production application
Application Grades

Within each category – Custom, White Label and Third Party – application grades may be:

Deployment Types

Mobile applications may be deployed through these distribution avenues:

Engage with the MCoE to create, certify and deliver innovative and compelling mobile applications that contribute to Kaiser Permanente’s mobility strategy.