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Xcode 14.1 Required For New Apps and App Updates – April 2023

January 2023: Article by Colin Moore, Mobile Application Release Manager

Background – Xcode and iOS Software Development Kits (SDK)

KP developers use Apple’s SDK and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Xcode, to create, debug, and test mobile applications. Updates to both of these require planning, testing, and possible app releases.


Starting April 2023, all iOS and iPadOS apps submitted to the Apple App Store and Intune must be built with Xcode 14.1 or later and the iOS 16.1 SDK. Get your apps updated now and plan on having your next release built with Xcode 14.1.

Xcode 14.1 Requirement Details

  • Audience: All Kaiser iOS Developers
  • Related Systems: Stampede
  • Action Items: To use Xcode 14.1 in your project, update the xcodeVersion variable in the config section of your .stampede.yaml to e.g. xcodeVersion: to xcodeVersion:
    To upgrade your custom Stampede build to use Xcode 14.1 create a service desk ticket.
  • Dates of Importance: April 2023

Resource Links

Xcode 14.1 release notes from Apple


If you encounter issues, please contacted the Mobile DevOps team via our Jira Service Desk or the MCoE-MobileDevOps Teams channel.


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