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Walktober! Registration is Open!

September 2021: Article by Shanon R. Levine, Project Manager Lead PO HR-Healthy Workforce

Take advantage of autumn’s mild temperatures and spectacular views with Walktober, a new activity campaign on Go KP. Sign up for Walktober today at Go KP and then download the Walktober app from the KP app store (Comp Portal) on your KP device. For those of you using non-KP managed devices, you can download Walktober from the public app stores such as Google Play.

You’ll go on a virtual color tour through some of the world’s most vibrant, breathtaking landscapes and fun events — while boosting energy, refreshing your outlook, and making fitness a priority.

Logging ANY form of activity is simple, just use your favorite tracking device or the Step Converter tool. Enjoy sharing photos and messages on the Walktober Wall, and viewing delicious recipes, inspiring articles, motivating daily emails, and more to help keep you moving.

How does it work?

  • Log your steps or any activity of choice to earn points that turn into leaves to fill out a virtual tree
  • Track your progress toward fitness goals through the Walktober mobile app, the Go KP website, or tracking device
  • Once activity is logged, unlock breathtaking falls images from around the world
  • Join in on the fun on a team with your co-workers or go it alone

Ways to win prizes

A random prize drawing will take place for:

  • Individual participants who earn at least 5 leaves within a week
  • Teams who score at least 65 points during the month-long program

Key dates

September 20 – Registration opens
October 1 – Logging begins
October 11 – Late registration ends
October 31 – Campaigns ends

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