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Validate iOS Apps on iOS 16 Beta

August 2022: Article by Mobile DevOps

iOS annual update

Apple has been releasing new iOS versions in mid-September since iOS 6 in 2012. All KP mobile app teams need to test their apps with the new iOS version prior to the general public release to avoid user impact when Apple releases.

iOS 16 Beta 5 is available

iOS 16 Beta has been available for a couple of months and beta 5 was released on August 10, 2022. Remember, it is the iOS app team’s responsibility to test their current app on iOS 16 beta to prevent user impact. We recommend completing this testing no later than 8/19/2022 to allow time for possible fixes and releases prior to the release of iOS 16. Validate the version of your app that will be in production on September 1st for expected functionality on iOS 16.

Testing options

You can use an iPhone that’s been upgraded to iOS 16 Beta or a simulator running from Xcode 14 Beta.

See the Apple Beta Program for more information or reach out to the Mobile DevOps team via our Jira Service Desk or the MCoE-MobileDevOps Teams channel.

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