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KP-IT Hub Article – Q3 2019: MCoE sets the standard for evolving mobility workflows.

Top 10 Resources Supporting KP Workforce Mobility

The MCoE promotes a mobile-first view from within Kaiser Permanente.

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Mobile phone users, you’re invited to tap, bookmark, and install these top 10 mobile resources to maximize your network access, increase workplace productivity, and support your personal health.

Did you know?

In 2018, 64 percent of all visits to were from mobile devices — nearly 199 million visits.

1. Members can get access to the KP Mobile App in the Apple App Store to manage healthcare by appointment setting, attending Video Visits, emailing a doctor, refilling prescriptions, viewing lab results, utilizing a Digital Membership Card, and locating KP facilities.

2. Members with Android devices can get the KP Mobile App from the Google Play Store.

What’s happening right now?

Accessing care and enabling access wherever you are is important to you, your family — and to Kaiser Permanente.

3. Protect your KP-issued mobile device and verify the Certified iOS Version to ensure optimal functionality and security. (Do not upgrade to any other version than what is certified for use and listed here.)

4. Further secure the KP network with multi-factor authentication app PingID and understand access permissions from outside the KP Network.

5. Install the Microsoft Teams mobile app on your KP-issued device and take your meetings and chat rooms with you.

6. Submit and track ServiceNow helpdesk requests from your desktop and from your KP-issued mobile device. Tap on the KP App Store and access the ServiceNow Mobile App to manage requests.

7. Report expenses using the OneLink mobile app, KP iHub, which replaced KP iExpense and is designed to support multiple business capabilities with the goal of “Enabling Access Anywhere, Anytime”.

How can you stay connected?

Engage with the MCoE if you’re developing, designing, or deploying a mobile app within your program.

8. Bookmark and visit the Mobile Design Resource Center (mDRC), a repository of mobile app brand advice, mobile accessibility best practices, UI/UX assets, case studies, design kits, and more.

9. Attend (mCOP) Community of Practice meetings and contribute to the Mobile Design and Mobile Development CoP meetings.

10. Enroll through KP Learn: Mobility Center of Excellence Services Training which includes 4 modules – Introduction; App Basics; Certification; Services (35 minutes).

The MCoE ensures that all mobile applications utilized by our members, providers, and workforce adhere to the KP Policy owned by the MCoE. Submit an MCoE intake form for access to app services, kits, and advice. Mobile app experts within the MCoE help build, certify, and distribute dozens of custom mobile apps, like KP Mobile, and hundreds of white-label and third-party mobile apps.

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KAISER PERMANENTE exists to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

The MCoE (Mobility Center of Excellence) team exists to deliver complex mobile solutions through enterprise-wide engagements. We design, develop, certify, and deploy mobile apps for KP members, providers, and workforce. Submit an MCoE intake form for access to app services, kits, and advice.

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