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Tableau Intro

September 2020: Article by Eric Li, MCoE Project Manager

Example: The MCoE Certification Update Dashboard

After building a few Tableau worksheets, they can be combined to make a dashboard. Here is an example using the MCoE Certification Report. This live dashboard gives an update on how many certification were completed for the current year, gives a comparison of the previous year record to the current year, and the certifications queue. Try interacting with it by hovering over item in the lower left corner or modifying the queue status on the right.

You may also view the Dashboard on our Tableau server.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a visual analytics tool that can help anyone with or without analytical background build reports and dashboards. The visual analytics tool is easy to use with a drag and drop style. It is set up similarly to a pivot table in Excel. One can say Tableau is like Excel on steroids.

One other cool feature Tableau has is it can combine data sets from different databases and create interactive dashboards. Tableau can be connect to various data sources such as Excel, Google Analytics, SQL Server, and more. This essentially makes Tableau the data hub where datasets can be joined or explored by the user. Another cool feature is the interactive dashboards. Tableau Dashboards can have actions created so the audience can click to filter, hover for more detail/ filter, click to highlight, or click to go to an URL.

Another data visualization tool similar to Tableau is Microsofts’ PowerBI. It is available on our Microsoft 365 plan and can be used on a web browser or downloaded onto the desktop (windows machines only). PowerBI has a certified app to view data from anywhere. Download from the company portal or see details about the app.

Where to start?

To get access to Tableau from KP, reach out to Shared Analytics through ServiceNow.

Once you have access, you can easily create worksheets by dragging and dropping fields. After building a few worksheets, it can be combined to make a dashboard just like the MCoE Certification Update Dashboard. There are many training resources available online including Tableau’s website.


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