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Overview of 2020 and COVID-19 Impacts on MCoE

January 2021: Article by Maranda Smith and Michelle Watson


With 2020 finally behind us, the Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE) would like to take a few minutes to reflect on COVID-19 impacts and related efforts during this exceptional year. The global pandemic created an instant and unprecedented demand for technical solutions in healthcare. The MCoE saw a noted increase in everything- Engagement intakes were up 71%, Certifications were up 43%, our website views were up 46%, Design saw more engagements and consults, and there were over three times as many app releases compared to 2019. In all measurements 2020 was indeed an exceptional year! See the MCoE Year End Review for additional details.

Existing capabilities

Here at Kaiser, the technology already existed and was available to fulfill the demand for streamlined provider communications, scheduling, virtual visits, and remote patient monitoring. Existing app utilization increased to support the consumer and providers needs. For example, apps that provide video visit capabilities include: KP Mobile (flagship), KP Washington, IVVtoGo, MyDoctor Online

Addressing new and emerging needs

While our existing apps were ready for use, new apps and features enabled us to quickly pivot to address emerging needs in support of the pandemic response. This exceptional need warranted exceptions to our usual process and we were able to certify and release apps rapidly in addition to pushing to get help on custom development projects off the ground.

New features include:
  • KP Mobile introduced Video Visit Now for mid-Atlantic states.
  • Express Check-in was made available in kiosks and from KP Mobile on mobile phones.
  • KP Washington mobile app added new app features recently in their 4.0 release, and their upcoming 4.1.3 release integrates video visit.
New apps:
  • Attestation station was created rapidly to meet an urgent need for Kaiser facilities to provide onsite screening for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • My HealthAlly is designed for patients enrolled in a diabetes or hypertension Remote Monitoring program. Once enrolled by a KP clinician, use this mobile app is used to seamlessly share device data with your care team.​ See this app highlighted on
Apps certified and released include:
  • Eko Telehealth – allows providers to hear stethoscope sounds without entering the room
  • Phillips Lumify for iOS – handheld ultra sound is easier to disinfect than an ultrasound cart
Government agencies:

The MCoE also consulted with the CDC for a symptom reporting solution and state departments of health on COVID-19 exposure notification apps.

Continuing to meet demands

As virtual healthcare needs continue to grow, we will be there to meet the demand. Exploration on new remote monitoring apps for heart rate monitoring, sleep apnea, virtual visits enhancements, patient care at home, and more are already underway.

Additional articles

Virtual care and remote patient monitoring was on everyone’s mind this year. The following articles appeared on


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