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New Releases for KP Mobile 4.31 on Android & iOS

June 2020: Article by Ingity Mohanty, MCoE Director of Program & Release Management

We are excited to announce the release of KP Mobile 4.31 on Android & iOS, available to our KP Members via iTunes or Google Play. Please download the latest version and send us your feedback.

Scope for the release:

  • KPATHS – Multiple Booking Enhancement – Schedule multiple appointments at one time for a KP member and his/her family members in Southern California.
  • Chat with a Doctor (Pilot) – New Chat with a Doctor feature is available in Georgia.
  • Chat with a Nurse (Pilot) – This feature is now available in the Mid-Atlantic state.
  • Test Results Enhancement – Test results now have new and improved search and filter feature.
  • Message Center – Enhancement to show a disclaimer to inform members that it will take about 48 hours for their provider to respond to the email they are sending.
  • Pharmacy – Expand capabilities to ship prescription mail orders to North Dakota.
  • Pharmacy – The “Find by Rx number” input field was updated to mimic the new Rx # label shown on Rx bottles and packaging. Helps members to compare the Rx number they are typing to their Rx label.
  • Privacy Screen – Update the Privacy Statement displayed in the app from the login screen.
  • Integrated Video Visit (IVV) – KP Mobile team working on shared library for MAS and NW which is targeting Go Live in the next release, KP Mobile 4.32 release.
  • Care Away from Home (CAFH) – enhancement where members away from their home region gets directive to log onto to take care of their immediate healthcare needs.
  • Surgery appointments – New feature to review upcoming surgeries is now available in Northern California.
  • Locator – Enhancement available for using a KP member’s location to find nearby medical facilities and pharmacies.
  • Bill Pay – Enhancements to review current balance(s) are now available in the Northwest, with more regions coming soon.
  • Technical debt items and Bug fixes.
  • Access DMC (Digital membership card) from Apple wallet – KP Members in Colorado and Georgia can save and access their own and their proxies’ digital member ID cards from their Apple Wallet. (iOS only)

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