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Mobile DevOps Delivery Pipeline – An MCoE Product Overview

To encourage and adopt industry best practices, the MCoE built a Mobile DevOps Delivery Pipeline.

DevOps is a software engineering practice that aims at unifying software development and software operation.

Project Evolution

Mobile DevOps Delivery Pipeline

Mobile DevOps Delivery Pipeline is a Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery platform for both Android & Apple mobile operating systems. Adopting CI & CD ensures that your mobile app is adopting industry best practices. This system-wide improvement also increases quality of your project and the visibility to your project’s state at anytime. This in turn decreases risk, because it’s impossible for developers to introduce code that breaks the build or causes any tests to fail thanks to the pull request feature & turning on protected branches on In addition, this improvement will increase security by leaving signing information out of your application (Android).


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Continuous Integration helps with:

  • Automating checks when new code is introduced into your project, usually via feature-branches -> main branch
  • This includes making sure the project builds, tests all pass, and notifying on pull requests off a success/failure at any stage
  • Artifacts & test reports are stored on the build job and accessible by anyone on your team
  • End goal: Maintain a high quality project that takes care of itself and provide developers instead feedbacks when they make changes



Continuous Delivery helps with:

  • Deploying at the push of a button to your users/testers.
  • Current release platforms supported:
    — Maven repository for library artifacts
    — Crashlytics/ for Applications
  • End goal: Allow one click deployment of your application to your users/testers


Delivery Pipeline – Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Platform

The MCoE Development and Delivery team, under Brian Kottcamp, provides everything that is needed to adopt CI & CD for your mobile app:

  • Jenkins Server
  • Jenkins Pipeline Script
  • Gradle plug-in that supports both Android and iOS Application & Library projects

Features for both Android & Apple mobile operating systems include:

  • Build your application
  • Run your unit/ui tests automatically
  • Deploy your application to Crashlytics / at the push of a button
  • Provide feedback on pull requests of success / failure at any stage

Android only features include:

  • Choose whether to run your unit tests and/or instrumentation tests on a physical device
  • Optional Application signing
  • Sonar integration (static code analysis)




Questions? Contact Mobile DevOps


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