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MDK’s KPConsumerAuth 4.0 Update

June 2021: Article by Matthew Rapier, Product Owner 🔧 Mobile Development Kit and Ben Chatelain, Chief IT Engineer Applications

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KP Digital is moving to a new Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform based on PingID that will replace key components of the existing Sign On capabilities for and mobile apps. One of the goals of moving to this new platform is to enable different KP consumer applications (beyond and the mobile apps) to utilize one Consumer Account for access to the application. Consumers will have one digital account that can be used by multiple applications.

The KP CIAM implementation for mobile apps is implemented in a new major version of the existing KPConsumerAuth library for both iOS and Android. This library for all Kaiser Permanente consumer apps that support member sign-in. It includes several “help” screens as well as screens for handling interrupts. The MDK Squad is working on a new major version 4.0, which adds support for PingID and retains support for OAM (ObSSOCookie) for the interim period while apps migrate their back end systems over.


The initial alpha KPConsumerAuth 4.0 versions of the iOS and Android libraries were released on March 21st enabling the development teams to begin integration. Initial feature complete Beta version was released on May 7th. A new process to certify our MDK inner source libraries has been established and KPConsumerAuth certification is underway.

Looking for more?

Our confluence page contains a wealth of documentation including implementation guide, architecture, features, solution design, and code coverage. Check it out!

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More to come

Although a date for the certified 4.0 version has not been set, details about past and new releases can be found in the GitHub release notes.

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For more Figma designs and screen flows, please visit our UI Designs page.

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