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2021 Workforce Portfolio

February 2022: Article by Maranda Smith, MCoE Workforce Portfolio Manager


The Workforce Portfolio consists of a suite of applications used by the KP Workforce. Although our providers are employees, apps within this portfolio can be used by anyone else in the workforce as well. Some example applications include but are not limited to Microsoft 365, Teams, Salesforce, RPM, ServiceNow and Attestation Station.


2020 & 2021 Workforce portfolio intakes, certifications, and releases
– Intakes: 99 (29% of all MCoE intakes in 2021 vs 40% of the total in 2020)
– Certs: 32 (24% of all MCoE certs in 2021 vs 35% of the total in 2020)
– Releases: 70 (24% of all MCoE releases in 2021 vs 22% of the total in 2020)

2021 Highlights

While still in the wake of the pandemic, many KP teams needed to pivot towards mobile solutions that enabled them to perform daily operations from anywhere since all offices continued to remain closed. The KPET Educational Theater’s experimentation with filming and editing high-quality presentations and performances on their mobile phones. Applications such as Claris File Maker Pro, SurePlus MOTIVE Video and HP Sprocket enabled them to easily transition from live workshops to online platforms in a matter of a few months. These applications will help streamline their processes when they return to in-person service. See the KP Educational Theatre article and MCoE Mobile Days presentation for additional information.

IT support teams are now also taking advantage of mobile technology and have worked with the MCoE to certify the ServiceNow Agent application so IT support analysts and their supervisors can view and respond to incidents from anywhere using their mobile device. NOW Mobile was also certified for the workforce to take advantage of as they can use this app to log, monitor and manage their service requests on the go as well.

Although many mobile applications have been developed, enhanced, and certified as part of KP’s pandemic response as required by the CDC. One of the most notable applications is the Attestation Station version 1.0 which was developed, certified, and deployed in Q3 2020. During 2021 the MCoE partnered with the business to develop and re-certify the app with the new features in version 2.0.0. Below are the release notes for the latest release.

The App now reads configuration information from a package sent by Intune. Current params set in the package include:
· Endpoint base URL
· Secret key
· Upload Throttle (see Store and Forward section below)

Authentication is upgraded to use Shared Access Signatures (SAS). Devices read the secret key from an App Package sent by Intune. This key is combined with the unique device ID and used to generate a token that is validated by the Azure IoT Hub.

Store and Forward:
In the event of connectivity loss, the device stores badge scans locally. When connectivity returns, stored scans are uploaded every Upload Throttle seconds, the default is every minute. This prevents 760+ devices from trying to upload all their stored scans at the same time.

Potential trends in 2022

Although the 2020 was a record-breaking year for the MCoE, as we saw in 2021 the total number of intakes are expected to remain significantly higher than that before COVID-19.

Additional Workforce portfolio information

To find workforce mobile apps available on your device, open the CompPortal app on your KP managed mobile device. Scroll down on the homepage to Categories and select “Workforce”. Note that apps available to you are based on your credentials; not all apps mentioned above will be visible.

Additional information can be found on the Workforce Portfolio page of our website.
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