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MCoE Tech Newsletter

19 February 2021

The Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE) Tech Newsletter provides the latest information primarily for mobile developers, designer, and testers including tool updates, available libraries, and information this is just good to know.

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Mobile Development Kit:
KPAppInfo Updates

KPAppInfo library, which is part of the Mobile Development Kit, handles the legal requirement to provide acknowledgements in your application for all third party libraries dependencies have been updated and modernized.


SwiftUI is an Apple framework for user interface design for iOS, watchOS and macOS apps developed with the Swift programming language. Its features make creating reusable custom styles easy.

New Accessibility Section

The MCoE website has a new accessibility section with all the resources everyone needs to know.

Mobile Development Kit Library Template on GitHub

We are proud to introduce our MDKTemplate projects in GitHub. These template projects are set up to act as a starting point for your library development needs.

App Store Updates

Google and Apple have newly updated requirements for public facing apps.

Getting Started with Figma

Ever wish you could easily collaborate with other designers online? Figma’s features might be the solution and they are available now!

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