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MCoE Tech Newsletter

17 August 2020

The Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE) Tech Newsletter provides the latest information primarily for mobile developers and testers including tool updates, available libraries, and just good to know information.

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New KP Google Play Developer Page

The new Kaiser Permanente Google Play Developer Page was designed by MCoE Design in collaboration with the KP Brand team. This page serves to advertise KP Mobile applications and represent the KP brand.

MCoE Service Desk Consolidation

To advance our objective of creating streamlined customer interactions, the Mobile Dev Ops Service Desk has been consolidated with the MCoE Service Desk. Now all MCoE requests are unified into one system, thus simplifying the process to engage with us. Read about how to request popular services.

Testing Unreleased Apps (Sideloading) and iOS Beta Access

The recent move to Intune from MobileIron includes security policy changes restricting installing unreleased apps (sideloading/installing an untrusted developer certificate) and iOS updates. But fear not! Gaining access to these necessary functionalities for developers and testers is possible with an easy request.


KPConsumerAuth is a library for all KP consumer-facing mobile apps to use to handle member sign-in. It includes several “help” screens as well as screens for handling interrupts, error handling and session keepalive. See how the MDK squad built this library and how it can simplify your custom app effort.

Custom App Distribution Blazes Forward From Fabric to Firebase

Our custom apps are now using the Firebase platform for app development. Firebase is a backend infrastructure server for iOS, Android, and mobile web users that help scale up, support, and measure data. While Firebase replaces Fabric, Crashlytics is still included.

Stampede Built For All Mobile App Development and Delivery

In the first half of 2020, the Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE) DevOps team migrated all of our mobile applications to a new system called Stampede. This new system represents the next iteration of our DevOps toolset offered to all mobile development teams at Kaiser Permanente. Find out why we have migrated to this new toolset and how we accomplished it.

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