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MCoE KP Mobile Tech Newsletter Special Edition

20 December 2019 – Issue No.4
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Legacy Jenkins Retirement

The migration of app builds from our legacy continuous integration build system ( the new Mobile Delivery Pipeline platform ( is now complete. The Chief Digital Office Mobility Center of Excellence team will be decommissioning the legacy build platform on
January 1st, 2020.

Mobile DevOps Pipeline

Did you know we built and are continuously improving a mobile-focused pipeline for building and delivering apps? The Mobile Delivery Pipeline (MDP) is the integration of various systems that build, assert quality and deliver mobile applications into one cohesive and easy to use pipeline. PR builds on the pipeline ‘shift left’ issues so they can be fixed as early as possible. View the demo to learn more about how the pipeline improves app quality, pull-request flow, and the automatic deployment of the MDK app to Crashlytics, which in turn, increases dev team productivity.

If you’re ready to get started, request onboarding for your mobile app program via the MCoE Service Desk.

Development Standards Evolution for KP Mobile Team

This summer, team-sourced standards and best practices were vetted and published to the always evolving Development Playbook. Find out more about how we’ve improved productivity and consistency in these 2 main areas – branch naming and pull request standards – and more.

New TestOps Tool: KP Mario

The new KP Mario app helps tech teams who certify and test every version of the KP Mobile app for Android and iOS. View the KP Mario app overview (11:59) to learn more about how this new tool increases dev team productivity.

Mobile Development CoP

The Mobile Development Community of Practice meeting allows for more meaningful contributions to the larger goals of the enterprise. You are invited to attend and contribute! View the CoP schedule.

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