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All Things Accessibility
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Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

To honor this day, the MCoE is excited to partner with KP’s Digital Accessibility Program to bring you a very special edition of our newsletter to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities. Unlike past editions, this series of articles read more like white papers or chapters to a timely book focused on accessibility in delivering solutions to our customers. This fresh look at familiar topics will have you pausing for thought. You will want to bookmark this one for future reference!

About the Digital Accessibility Program

The mission of KPD’s Digital Accessibility Program (DAP) is to champion inclusion for our all of our members and the communities we serve regardless of disability, and also to comply with disability related laws and regulations. The purpose of accessibility is to provide an equitable experience across our taxonomy. To succeed, accessibility principals and standards need to be incorporated in every stage of the software development process. Accessibility is everyone’s business, and the DAP’s purpose is to provide guidance across those in their accessibility effort.

The DAP provides accessibility consultation and leadership across the pipeline: procurement, design, development, content, testing, and member support. DAP provides access to eight digital accessibility tools, manages 22 web-based-trainings on KP Learn, and teach various live courses. We also are the owners of KP’s accessibility policy and accessibility standards.

Tipping into an Accessibility Culture

Adding accessibility requires changing how we think about the software development process. Why do accessibility subject matter experts not have assigned deliverables? Find out why along with the steps needed to move toward a healthy accessibility culture.

Epics and User Stories

Epic and user stories are the most important documents involved with the software development lifecycle – every other resource uses them to create their documentation. Find out how to level up your stories!

Links and Buttons

Links and buttons are the most common element used to complete online tasks. Think you know the difference? Sometimes it is not that simple! Find out the differences and see guidelines on their proper usage.

The User/System Conversation

When we interact with electronic media, we are actually having a conversation with a system. Learn about the layers of cognition involved with system interactions and how to design them to reduce the chances of users failing to complete tasks.

The Culture of Technology Intrusion in Product Design

Staying focused while using technology has never been more challenging than in today’s world. Better design user interactions can be used to combat unhealthy intrusions and drive to task completion.

MCoE Reporting: Mobile App Portfolio

Did you know the MCoE helps KP teams develop, design, and deploy mobile apps? Our team of experts provide app kits and advice for dozens of custom mobile apps and hundreds of white-label and third-party mobile apps for our Members, Providers, and Workforce. Access our suite of reports – updated monthly – which include mobile app team and region info, install counts, and certified apps in production.

Engage with the MCoE

To engage with us, all you need to do is submit an intake by logging into our MCoE Service Desk portal with your NUID and Windows/Mac Password. Be sure to bookmark the link for future reference.

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Connect with Us

Questions & feedback

Your opinion matters, and we would like to hear from you. Email your questions or feedback on anything MCoE related or submit an intake form.

Certification reporting & updates

Do you have a certification project open and would like to know the status? Curious about mobile app releases? View current Certification Reports.

Accessibility resources

Everyone at KP is responsible for ensuring our mobile apps are accessible and inclusive. Using the new WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) published in June 2018, we’ve applied a mobile perspective to these standards and created mobile accessibility resources for our partners.

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