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MCoE Certification – Why Certify

December 2022: Article by James Hinkle, MCoE Certification Manager

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What is MCoE Certification? 

#1 – Certification is a KP National Policy (NATL.IT.DIG.001)

  • “All Mobile Applications must be certified by the KP Mobility Center of Excellence (KP MCoE) prior to publication or distribution.”

#2 – Driving quality through our partnerships

  • The MCoE Team has developed great partnerships with some of KP’s biggest and most influential teams, including TRO/Cyber Security, Ethics and Compliance, Legal, MCoE Dev, and KP Digital’s Design and Accessibility teams.
  • Together with our partners, passing Certification ensures that your mobile application meets and exceeds all KP standards and requirements.

#3 – MCoE is a 1-stop shop

  • The MCoE team are subject matter experts for all your mobile application needs. From Engagement to Certification to Distribution, let us help you take your mobile application to the next level.
MCoE Certification - Our Process

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