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KP Mobile Milestone and 5.2 Release

March 2022: Article by KP Mobile Team

KP Mobile user satisfaction

Our members are continuing to use our app like never before – we now have over 9 million downloads in addition to receiving great ratings and feedback! Year over year finding from 2020 to 2021 show:

  • Star rating of 4.4, up +1.2 stars from 3.2 to 4.4, resulting in improved KP app store visibility for increased awareness
  • 92% Member Satisfaction for in app digital experience, up +7% and the highest rating on record and statistically significant jump from 2020

KP Mobile iOS and Android 5.2

We are excited to let you know that the KP Mobile iOS and Android 5.2 releases have been successfully published to members this week. This release contained a broad range of features and capabilities that further extend care and improve convenience for our members, including:

  • Guided Member Welcome 2.0: Provided an onboarding and actionable welcome experience for new KP members.
  • Covid-19 vaccination and testing records: Added Covid-19 vaccination and testing records into Medical Records and enabled access to view proxy records.
  • Click-to-Chat: Transitioned Georgia ‘Chat with a Doctor’ capabilities from CirrusMD to Genesys Click-to-Chat. This completed the CirrusMD transition for the mobile flagship app.
  • Click-to-Chat: Updated operating hours for ‘Chat with a Nurse’ for Mid-Atlantic States (MAS) to offer 24/7 care.
  • Click-to-Chat: Enhancements for ‘Contact Us’ verbiage, error handling and defect fixes.
  • Deprecated Mychart proxy: Deprecated the use of Mychart proxy to download provider’s attachments in Inbox and instead use Attachment backend-for-frontend (BFF).
  • Reschedule appointments: Enabled members to reschedule eligible appointments for Regions outside California (ROC).
  • Force App Update Alternative for MMR: Provides the option to deprecate future My Medical Record (MMR) features without requiring Members to Force App Upgrade.
  • Dynamic Copy on Homescreen Appointment card: Variant testing copy on the appointment blue card to increase engagement with appointment details – National except NCAL.
  • Appointment List Enhancements: New UX treatment will help a member take action on appointments upcoming on the day – National.
  • National Rollout of Geolocation: Expanded at-facility Care Reminders to 30 facilities – nationally except NCAL.
  • Added Flu Vaccination to Care Reminders: Enabled flu shot reminders and improved design to the health-to-do list.
  • Appointment Reminder Push Notification: If a member or proxy has one or more appointments on the same day, send a push notification reminder for the appointment itinerary 2 hours or less before each appointment.
  • New Medication List: Improved members’ ability to find and refill their prescriptions by offering sort and filtering capabilities on a new medication list screen. The new medication list is accessible from the Pharmacy Landing screen and will enable us to re-design the Pharmacy Landing screen.
  • Privacy controls: Enhancements to restrict members from viewing a teen’s subject prescriptions.
  • Manage Timely intake of prescriptions: Pilot for Mid-Atlantic States (MAS) region to help patients manage the timely intake of prescriptions in order to promote medication adherence.
  • Dark Deployment: Order Status: Improve member engagement and satisfaction with the digital experience through providing updated detailed order and prescription status.
  • Bulk Pharmacy Notifications Enrollment: Increased member engagement and medicine awareness by enrolling members into pharmacy order status notifications for all types of pharmacy notifications.
  • Manage Pharmacy Order Payment Option: Improved members ability to manage their payment options by providing a method of adding, editing, or removing payment options outside of the pharmacy order flow.
  • RX Transfer: Allow members to transfer their prescriptions into KP from external pharmacies. This feature was previously available to members in NCAL, NW and GA from the Pharmacy landing screen and is now available to all members in the MAS region and to new/returning new members in SCAL, HI, CO regions.
  • Added deductible and out of pocket maximum Benefit Information content: on digital ID cards for all commercial, KPIF, and FEHB members in all regions except KPWA.
  • Roll out Coverage & Cost experience: in NCAL, SCAL, CO, HI and MAS, respecting/supporting regional variations.
  • Coverage & Cost Experience: Enhancements and re-design.
  • Killswitch enhancements: for Manage My Coverage features.
  • Medical and Drug Cost Estimator: Integrated the feature via Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Care Away From Home (CAFH) Login: Added ability for members to login in to the app using CAFH role (aka CAFH related Username and password).
  • Added an area of care: Added ability for members to add a new area of care (instant MRN, without having to call the travel center)
  • Region switcher: Added ability to switch regions in mobile app and view information related to that specific region (without the need to log out and log in using a different account)
  • Geolocation based tips: Information notifications (to access travel center, region switcher, add a area of care) for users when traveling across regions
  • CRA Account Linking: Allows members who travel or have members in other regions to link accounts across regions
  • For more details, including screenshots, please visit KP Mobile 5.2 Release notes.

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