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KP Mobile App v4.23 – Release Notes

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that KP Mobile Android and iOS 4.23 (November) version was successfully released to our KP members via Google Store and Apple store.
PQE and other groups have completed their production shakedown.

Scope for KP Mobile 4.23 (November) release:

  • Chat with a doctor – Colorado – Enabling Push notifications: Push notifications are now available for the Chat with a Doctor feature in Colorado.
  • DMC – Digital Membership Card enhancement for NW, HI and CO: Digital member ID cards are now available for Medicare members in Northwest, Hawaii, and Colorado with more regions coming soon.
  • Mobile Medical Bill Pay – Badge alerts for Courtesy Bills: All users (irrespective of whether they have signed up for paperless bills or have opted for paper bills) will be shown a badge alert if they have a new bill. The alert will then take them to the bill pay landing screen where they can view their bills.
  • Allow special characters to be supported in Kana forms: Inclusion of the backslash \ character to the extended list of special characters such as !@#$%^ etc., in our KANA Forms on mobile App. Specifically, this applies to messages sent to Member Services and the App Feedback form.
  • Detect KPWA member during sign-on: A KP-Washington user who attempts to sign into the KP Flagship Mobile app will now be instructed to download the KPWA Mobile app.
  • Mobile Analytics-E-Visits 2.0: To enhance usage reporting, analytics for E-Visits 2.0 is enabled on the mobile app.
  • Kana attachment fix: Members will be able to view an icon indicating that they have attachments associated with an incoming message from the KP Back Office staff (MSCC, Member Service team, etc.). The user will also be shown content instructing the member on how to retrieve the attachment via KP.ORG
  • Enable SB137 on Find Doctor Module: Turn off SCAL search for find doctors on the app and send users to to do their search.
  • Technical debt and Defect fixes.

Please feel free to download the application and send us your feedback.

Download KP Mobile on iTunes or Google Play.

The KP Mobile team would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Ingit Mohanty
Director, Program Management
Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE)
Digital Presence Technologies
Digital Corporate Services and Solutions | KP Information Technology



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