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KP Mobile App 4.27 – Release Notes

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that KP Mobile Android and iOS 4.27 (August) version was successfully released to our KP members via Google Play and Apple Store. PQE has completed their production shakedown with no new issues to report.

Scope for KP Mobile 4.27 (August) release:

  • Pharmacy – Display a photo of the medication dispensed to the patient: North West members will now be able to see the Image/Shape and Imprint details of the Last Dispensed Drug on Pharmacy Landing screen and Rx details screen. This enhancement supports patient education, safety, and medication adherence by (a) helping patients and caregivers to verify medication at home (b) saving time by simplifying unknown drug product identification (c) helping protect patients by enabling them to visually verify that correct medication is being dispensed.
  • Dynamic fonts: Enabled iOS app to support user’s device setting for enlarged font size for Get Care(SCAL & GA) & Find Care screens. Also enabled this enhancement for Contact Us screen( all regions).
  • Select a physician: Rolled out for CO region for RTE for both subscriber and proxy. This replaces ‘Find a doctor’ where the app did allow finding a doctor. Select a physician is a feature enhancement that allows choosing a doctor, either a Primary care physician or a specialist for both member or proxy. Five of the regions are planned to be rolled out later with Kana flow.
  • Geo-location: Personalized Find Doctors and Locations maps and page information based on the user’s location with features (a) Add Use Current Location as a Search parameter (Geolocation) capability (b) Enhancements to existing Search resulting in addition of Geolocation (c) Refine Initial Region selection/Save subsequent region selection (d) Location Services permission reconcile (e) Display Miles from Location on Search Results, Doctor details page, align region boundaries.
  • Find Care: Added the Get Care module to the flyout menu for NW like SCAL to increase the visibility and ease of access to the new Bright MD e-visits encounter. Also copy change was done on Find Care Menu to read as “Online,Phone or In-Person Care”.
  • DMC (Digital Membership Card): Improved discoverability and navigation to the front and the back of Digital Membership Card. Changed icons to “back of the card” and “front of the card” to better convey the meaning of the icons to members.
  • Facility Locator design Updates: Redesigned the Android Locator Department Details which improved usability of the department details by opening to a new screen instead of displaying the details inline on the same screen. Also, implemented the new design for Facility Details screen. Fixed the issue where the phone numbers were opening the default map and not calling the phone number.
  • NCAL Appt Center: Now NCAL provider specialty is displayed in 4 screens of mobile app while displaying appointment availability. The 4 Screens are Appointment landing, Appointment details, Date and Time: Schedule Flow, Review and Book: Schedule Flow.
  • Test Results: Display generic letter to members for Mammography to filter out technical jargon from Epic for NCAL region.
  • Integrated Video Visit – Pexip Regional Rollout: Regression tested GA, SCAL & NW regions that are being rolled out on the Pexip Platform on 08/22/2019. CO and MAS are already enabled for Pexip. Hawaii is planned for enablement on 9/26.
  • KPATHS testing: SCAL Appointment Scheduling Redesign Phase 2 has been tested for Mobile app features – Scope of Practice, Cross Facility Search, PCP Secondary Location, Video Visits, SmallSync & New Member Visit Type.
  • Wayfinder: Phase 1 was completed in this Release. This feature enables members with ease of indoor navigation in medical/other campuses by providing maps, blue dot and turn by turn navigation. The feature will be accessed from Find location and Department details pages of KP Mobile app. The feature will be turned off in the Mobile app until the development is complete and ready for member consumption.
  • Technical debt and defect fixes.

Please feel free to download the application and send us your feedback.

Download KP Mobile on iTunes or Google Play.

The KP Mobile team would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Ingit Mohanty
Director, Program Management
Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE)
Digital Presence Technologies
Digital Corporate Services and Solutions | KP Information Technology



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