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KP Mobile App 4.26 – Release Notes

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that KP Mobile Android and iOS 4.26 (June) version was successfully released to our KP members via Google Play and Apple Store. PQE has completed their production shakedown with no new issues to report.

Scope for KP Mobile 4.26 (June) release:

  • e-Visits rollout to North West region via BrightMD: Members in NW self-triage by answering a set of questions regarding their symptoms. Based on rules defined by SmartExam clinical protocols(product by BrightMD), member will be directed to the following outcomes: (a) Treatment via eVisit (asynchronous interaction)or (b)Self-care at home or (c) Instructions about next steps; potentially going to urgent care or ER or being seen by a physician or (d) Patient will receive an email as a follow-up about their symptoms.
  • Pharmacy Center: Express check out for refill orders- Reduces the number of steps from 7 to 3 by presenting members to view their saved preferences for refill orders, and all they need to do is review and submit the order.
  • Pharmacy Center: Enable shipping prescriptions from mail order store to the state of Missouri, MO. Note: “In addition, members in Colorado can now ship prescriptions to the same states as SCAL members.”
  • Appointment Center: Update rules for rescheduling an appointment: The rescheduling rules are updated to allow members to reschedule an appointment even if the cancellation is not allowed.
  • Biometrics: The members are presented with an option to “Use Touch ID” on the sign on screen to enable Biometrics. This will mean all fingerprints set up on the mobile device will link to members accounts.
  • Mobile App Update: Ongoing for mobile app releases- Returning members after an upgrade will see the highlights of new (national) feature(s) and feature enhancement(s) being launched in the release to increase user engagement.
  • Find doctors and locations: App Permission Dialog: Remove app permission dialog on a facility directions link on doctor detail page. This is for Android platform only.
  • Allow member to add attachment – Enabled in MAS region.
  • Enhanced Radius on Zip-code search for Doctor’s details and Search feature: The members can search for doctor location within 10 miles of the entered zip-code as the search criteria.
  • Enable members to view Kana and Epic attachments In the KP Mobile App: When a call center agent sends a reply to members using KANA system the attachment (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.), that will be accessible to the members in Mobile App without being re-directed to
  • Enable SB137: Regulatory changes for doctor search and detail feature for members in SCAL region. The members will have the ability to search for doctors and find provider details within native Mobile App without being re-directed to This releases also Included development of BFF services for the above change.
  • Enhancement on cancel appointment for members in NCAL: When members cannot cancel their appointment that are not eligible, they are presented with a message that includes local facility number to call in. Above changes are incorporated in English and Spanish.
  • Integrated Video Visits (IVV): Enabling Pexip in the CO region via an AEM flag on 6/11/2019.
  • Enhancements on Analytics for Mobile Bill Pay feature.
  • Technical Debt and Defect Fixes.

Please feel free to download the application and send us your feedback.

Download KP Mobile on iTunes or Google Play.

The KP Mobile team would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Ingit Mohanty
Director, Program Management
Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE)
Digital Presence Technologies
Digital Corporate Services and Solutions | KP Information Technology



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