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KP Mobile App 4.25 – Release Notes

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that KP Mobile iOS and Android 4.25 (April) versions were successfully released to our KP members via the Google Store and Apple store. PQE has completed their production shakedown with no new issues to report.

Scope for KP Mobile 4.25 (April) release:

  • e-Visits 2.0 integration with Chat with Clinician now available in SCAL: e-Visits 2.0 feature enabled in September 2018 will now offer integration with chat functionality. The chat with a clinician feature will be added to all eVisits 2.0 protocols that exists in production. The option to chat with clinicians will be displayed when a member receives an alert disposition.
  • Pharmacy Center: Expanded shipping areas for Prescription refills – Enable shipping prescriptions from mail order store to the following additional states: AR,ID,KS,KY,LA,MA,MS,NC,NE,OK,RI.
  • Pharmacy Center: Improvements to Pharmacy shopping cart and locator features – Validation of shipping address entered by the user prior to submitting a prescription order.
  • Pharmacy Center: ADA compliance – Specially abled users while ordering a prescription or a refill, now have the option to opt for a talking vial (talking Prescriptions bottle)
  • ECI (Express Check-in) rollout to Colorado – This enhancement which allows members to check-in prior to the appointment is now available to members in the Colorado region. (Note: This feature can be accessed by members once the region goes live, which is presently targeting May/June timeframe.)
  • E-Visits 1.0 rollout to Northern California and Georgia – This enhancement enables a member to receive care via an online questionnaire regarding their symptoms. With this information, the health professional can triage and provide guidance. (Note: The entitlement for eVisits 1.0 feature will be turned on for members in NCAL and GA after the force App upgrade scheduled on April 16th.)
  • Video Appointment content correction: This enhancement fixed content displayed while member is booking a video appointment.
    Previous message:
    A member while booking a video appointment got a message, “Select your preferred phone number or enter a new one for this visit only. Your practitioner will call you at this number.”
    This confused the member to think that a phone number was necessary to book a video appointment.
    Corrected message:
    (a) For members with phone numbers on file the message reads, “In case of technical difficulties, your doctor’s office may try to reach you by phone. Select your preferred phone number or enter a new one”
    (b) For members who do not have phone numbers on file, message reads “In case of technical difficulties, your doctor’s office may try to reach you by phone. Enter your preferred phone number.”
  • Bluemix migration for MMR (My Medical Record) BFF – Planned to go live after 4.25 App go live. Targeted for 4/30.
  • Android ADA Enhancements- ADA enhancements on Android platform for Appointment Center, MMR, Locator, Settings, Find a Doctor and eVisits.
  • Integrated Video Visits (IVV) – IVV Pexip BFF 1.0 is a new mobile BFF. Mobile Video Visits is migrating platforms from Vidyo to Pexip Cloud. This BFF will expose four operations from Pexip registration service (owned by CD-BIO). It has been deployed dark as part of 4.25 release.
  • Analytics Link Tracking: Enables members to easily find and use the shopping cart and pharmacy locator feature.
  • App On-boarding redesign Analytics: Added analytics for following features – (a) Profile and Settings (b) Educational tips (c) App Intro and (d) About KP
  • Technical Debt and Defect Fixes.

Please feel free to download the application and send us your feedback.

Download KP Mobile on iTunes or Google Play.

The KP Mobile team would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Ingit Mohanty
Director, Program Management
Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE)
Digital Presence Technologies
Digital Corporate Services and Solutions | KP Information Technology



KP Mobile Scope Status Report

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