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KP Mobile 5.9 Release

December 2022: Article by KP Mobile Team

Greetings…KP Digital leaders and Mobile stakeholders,
We are excited to let you know that the KP Mobile 5.9 Android and iOS releases have been successfully published to members on 12/14 & 12/16, respectively. This release contained a broad range of features and capabilities that further extend care and improve convenience for our members, including:

  • Guide Post-Effective Member to schedule first medical visit so that member can easily understand how to self-service schedule an appointment, and member doesn’t need to call member services
  • Updated Mobile Guided Member Welcome flow Task number & sequence to match with Web
  • Updated Facility details page to look consistent irrespective of entry point
  • Updated Find Doctors and Locations to use “current location” as a geographic filter for find a facility from map and list views.
  • Updated Chat intent screens to display dynamic hours of operation, so that member knows upfront whether a chat is available or closed
  • Dark deployed message center enhancements in category and sub-category section for Georgia
  • Dark deployed Schedule Health Classes feature as part of NCAL appointment system migration from PARRS to Cadence
  • Allowed Primary Care Provider to create an appointment task for member which can be sent as a message attached with appointment task for Mid-Atlantic States
  • Find Care Now feature is available for Hawaii members now
  • Dark deployed Wayfinding pilot for Gaithersburg, MD (MAS)
  • Surfaced the Geolocation Opt-in banner in the Get More Done at ‘Your Visit’ section in all Geolocation markets (excludes NCAL and KPWA)
  • Rolled out the Pilot for Geolocation Express Check-In Notification in GA and MAS regions
  • Dark deployed E-arrival feature for members to check in easily for their upcoming appointment
  • Enabled ECI/check in experience for Video Visits to match with web pilot in CO
  • Simplified Rx Transfer Form to avoid members type several data points for each prescription they wish to transfer for SCAL
  • Allowed members to opt in to Auto refill for a prescription on prescription details screen or place order screen in GA, and with Auto refill enrollment member will receive SMS notifications with order details until the order is shipped automatically
  • Providing members with additional details and status messages for prescription orders
  • KP members (guarantor, self-insured) can see the balance amount in their Health Payment Account so that they can make the correct payment decision while paying bills
  • Self-funded members can now see the Bill Pay card on Coverage & Cost L1 page so that they are informed of what they owe and they can make bill payments
  • Improved Coverage & Cost Experience to enable proxy users to view the features that they are entitled to see on the L1, like viewing cost summary Info
  • Provided Cigna Logo at the back of the DMC card, and appended Medical record number value with an Identification field
  • Provided integrated experience for members when traveling across regions including Washington region
  • Technical enhancements
  • Defect fixes
  • Our deepest appreciation to all teams who made this feature-packed release possible.

    For more details, including screenshots, please click here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

    Finally, please download the newest version of the KP Mobile App and send us your feedback.

    On behalf of the KP Mobile App teams, stakeholders, and supporting partners, thank you for your continued support.

Thank you,
KP Mobile Team


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