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KP Mobile 5.1 Released

September 2021: Article by KP Mobile Team

We are excited to let you know that the KP Mobile iOS and Android 5.1 release has been successfully published to members. This release contained a broad range of features and capabilities that further extend care and improve convenience for our members, including:

  • Click to Chat: Completed redesign of the Click to Chat experience, allowing members in applicable regions to access both Clinical and Member Services chat types from a single entry point.
  • Chat with Pharmacy: Provided capability in mobile app so that regions may enable this feature.
  • Eyewear Prescriptions: Enabled the Epic feature in mobile My Medical Record for member and proxies.
  • Health Encyclopedia: Added Health Encyclopedia links for Allergies, Immunizations, Test results, and Ongoing health conditions in My Medical Record.
  • Update Phone number: Members can now update their phone number in mobile app.
  • Paperless document delivery preference: Members can now set their paperless preference within My Premium Billing Statement as well as My Documents.
  • Coverage & Cost Center: Improved the design. Now live in GA and NW.
  • Benefit Summary: Fully-insured HMO plan members can now see the new Summary of Benefits released on in June.
  • Pre-Visit: Appointment Detail redesign for Questionnaires, Video Visit Setup, and Medical Facility Information.
  • Itinerary Reminder: Enabled push notification 2 hrs. prior to a Video Visit appointment for CO.
  • [Dark Deployed] Click to Chat Expansion: Expanded capability to include New Member Desk and Appointment Scheduling for MAS (go-live Dec. 2021).
  • [Dark Deployed] Home Screen Itinerary Updates: To inform member about one or more appointments today or tomorrow in CO. To increase visibility and engagement of pre-appointment content.
  • [Dark Deployed] Home Screen Card A/B Testing: To test pre-visit task completions (Questionnaires, Express Check-in) by getting more members to the appointment detail page in CO.
  • [Dark Deployed] Care Gaps: Expand on the on-premise offering to include Care Gaps and Rx ready for pickup, and linking to Personal Action Plan.
  • Technical enhancements.
  • Defect fixes.
  • For more details, including screenshots, please visit KP Mobile 5.1 Release notes.

    Please download the new version and send us your feedback at


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