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KP Mobile 4.34 Released

December 2020: Article by Ingit Mohanty
MCoE Director, KP Digital, KP-IT

We are excited to announce that the KP Mobile iOS and Android 4.32 releases were successfully published to members. This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Integrated Video Visits Now Feature rollout to Mid-Atlantic States:
    Support On Demand video visits for the Mid-Atlantic States region. See related KP Mobile Video Visit Now article for details.
  • Redesign of KP Mobile App home screen: rollout of the redesigned home screen & Get Care to all regions nationally.
  • Appointment Center & Details Redesign for Northern California: redesign of the appointment landing and details screens.
  • Pharmacy
    • Seamless Payments (QR Code): Enable members to use a QR code to streamline the RX pickup process at a pharmacy.
    • Smart Notifications: support SMS and email preferences for prescriptions update notifications for Rx ready for pickup, shipped and pick-up reminders.
    • Refill Reminders: Support email, SMS and push notification for RX refill reminders.
  • Digital membership Card QR code rollout to Georgia: Enable self-service appointment check-ins and arrival notifications.
  • Former Member Access: Enables former members to gain secure and granular access to their electronic health records perpetually.
  • Colorado One- Consolidation: Consolidation of different geographical areas to one statewide geographic area.
  • Dual Choice membership Rollout to Georgia: Display content throughout the app to help guide Dual Choice members to access care specific to their coverage.
  • Update Privacy Statement with Geo-Location use clause: Enable members to understand how KP is using their location data to enable and provide an enhanced digital experience.
  • Display acceptance status for Northwest mental health providers in search results: enhance physician search results to display acceptance status for NW mental health providers.
  • Geo-Fence Notification Pilot: display a geofence based notification when a member enters a KP facility.
  • Enable Adding Digital Membership Card to the Apple Wallet for North West and Hawaii Regions: Allow members to add their Digital Membership Cards to their Apple wallet.
  • Defect fixes.

For more details including screenshots, please visit KP Mobile 4.34 Release notes.

Please download the new version and send us your feedback.


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