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Java Version 11

August 2022: Article by Mobile DevOps

Android mobile applications are developed using Java and Kotlin programming languages. For apps utilizing Java, updating your Java version may be needed.

Android mobile app impacts

The MCoE DevOps team will be removing support for Java 8 from the build system as part of regular technical debt reduction. Your Android project may need to be upgraded to Java 11.

If your Android projects are using a Java version older than 11 you will need to upgrade. See how to how to upgrade your project here and also update your .stampede.yaml file by removing: java_version: 8 from the top config block (if you had such a setting).


This Java upgrade must it be completed no later than 8/31/2022.

This upgrade is being made to enable Android build tasks to run on the JDK embedded in Android Studio; this will improve consistency with developer environments and speed up build times.

See the Android website for further details on how to make this change.

If you encounter issues, please contacted the Mobile DevOps team via our Jira Service Desk or the MCoE-MobileDevOps Teams channel.

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