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Mobile Developer Kit (MDK) App is Coming Soon

June 2020: Article by Oleksiy Pobyeda, DPT-MCoE Intern

The Mobility Center of Excellence is happy to announce the introduction of the MDK App 3.2.0 for Android and iOS is coming soon. This app will showcase the latest MDK reusable libraries.

What is the MDK?

The Mobile Development Kit is a collection of shared, reusable libraries for Android and iOS which implement common functionality that many apps need. They help enable mobile app delivery teams to quickly build an app by reusing development efforts from previous products on their new projects, so they can focus on what sets their app apart.

MDK - iOS Home screen captureMDK - Android Home screen captureScreen capture of the MDK app About page.


The MDK contains many libraries, some of which are small and single-purpose, whereas others are large with greater functionality and sometimes even reusable UI components. To see full list of libraries go to our Confluence page or Github repo.

This application will be available for internal use in MobileIron and Intune and will showcase the latest MDK reusable libraries including:

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