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Innovation at the MCoE

March 2021: Article by Antonio Scaduto-Mendola, UI/UX Designer

Innovation is in our DNA. We are always looking to introduce new, cutting-edge projects and processes to the organization that promote creativity, collaboration, and best-in-class services to all of our mobile app partners. Below are some new and exciting updates that are on the horizon.

In the works

The MCoE recently started working on a condition management app to help consumers with diabetes manage their condition. We are leading the design and development effort for a pilot launch. The app will feature tools that empower users to enter and track blood sugar levels, as well as keep track of their mood, hunger, energy levels, stress, and thirst. Tips, Q&As, articles, and recipes will also be available to provide the end-user with an ecosystem of support and resources for managing their condition on a daily basis. This project is still in very early development stages. Stay tuned for more information in the future!

A new way to collaborate

At the MCoE we’re all about creating seamless and efficient experiences! To help meet the ever changing demands and trends that come along with remote collaboration, we have signed on with Miro to further enable real-time teamwork with our partners and deliver engaging collaboration experiences. We can now provide a shared virtual graphical workspace for our partners to collaborate with us on mobile app initiatives. In fact, that is exactly how we collaborate on the condition management app. It doesn’t matter if your team is co-located, distributed, or fully remote; we can collaborate with you in real-time, and synchronously. So whether we’re just jotting down ideas, building a whole project from the ground up, wireframing an information architecture diagram, conducting ideation through design sprints, doing user research, developing presentations, or simply note taking, we can do it all together in real time and track the updates live.

Check out our newest decks!

We would love for you to check out our new presentations as our accessibility specialist has developed these slide decks for our members to better understand accessibility at KP. Please check out our recent upload, “Image Contrast and Labels (Native Mobile)” Miro

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