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How the Webby Was Won

March 2022: Article by KP Mobile
Special thanks to John Beadle, Dan Huynh, and Linda Sasso from YML;
Satheesh Muppana and Neha Goyal, KP Mobile Program Managers;
Janis Francis Yohannan, Delivery Lead;
Raj Rajan, Beth Vanderyacht, and Ryan Wise from KP Digital;
Edited by Michelle Watson, MCoE Engagement Manager

KP Mobile wins the Webby award!

In case you missed several internal announcements or an official one or two, our flagship app, KP Mobile, was honored with the Webby People’s Voice Award in the Health and Wellness category! This award goes to show that the hard work of each team is not just an incremental progress. Our collective work puts KPD as one of the leaders of the digital healthcare space. It is a great honor to be recognized in a competitive pool but how did we get there?

Applying for Webby pitched

The KP Mobile and YML teams are always looking for opportunities to showcase our work and of course, the Webby award has been on the radar. This year we proposed applying to the leadership team, including Prat Vemana, Chief Digital Officer and Asim Qadir, Executive Director, Mobility Center of Excellence. A key factor that made us believe the Webby was possible was our evolution to meet care demands by completely redesigning and rebuilding our app and website to improve patient-first care, all in just under a year.

This was a massive undertaking to create a frictionless omni-channel experience and could not have been done without all our partners across KP. A big thank you to Regional and Operational Leaders and Digital Executive Accountable Partners (DEAPs) across KPD Experience Groups. A special thanks to those who lent extra support including Judy Derman, Dr. Groshek, Beth Streeter, and Josie Wong.

Approach and recent features

Building a modern, intuitive, and personalized digital experience for a newly remote world involved a layered strategy.

First, the new experience needed to put the patients’ needs first. Second, Kaiser Permanente recognized how the health care industry was riddled with technical jargon and legacy systems — ripe for challenging the bureaucratic status quo.

Finally, Kaiser Permanente rallied its digital product strategy like a technology company, embracing the importance of speed, experimentation, and innovation in building, launching, and optimizing their digital ecosystem.

That approach made all the difference.

In less than a year, Kaiser Permanente’s web and mobile redesigns improved member’s satisfaction with digital from 86% to 92%, the first increase after a five-year flat trend.

  • In just four months, Kaiser Permanente built, designed and launched “Get Care Now”, the national digital urgent care solution in the app that leverages smart symptom assessment and on-demand support via video, telephone, or chat. The self-service tools drove massive impact for patients; appointments booked online increased 80% YoY, lab tests viewed online increased 80% YoY, and medical bills paid online increased 22% YoY.
  • To respond to ongoing Covid-19 needs, Kaiser Permanente built a new digital feature that alerted members when vaccines were available, how to sign up, and pointed them to real-time, relevant resources to make the most informed decision for themselves and their families. From building tools for regional providers to customize content to creating mobile-friendly proof of vaccination cards, Kaiser Permanente’s COVID-19 digital tools drove 14M site visits and more than 10M vaccine appointments booked online in 2021.
Rx L1 redesign in the spotlight

Rx was identified as an area of growth with the goal of increasing the percentage of prescriptions ordered online. The L1 redesign was a critical competitive step for the member’s Digital Pharmacy experience.

Re-designing the landing screen improves members’ ability to complete all pharmacy-related tasks. Important, actionable information is raised to the top, such as prescriptions which are available to fill and any high priority order status messages. Members can view/order prescriptions, check order status, manage reminders, find a pharmacy, chat with Pharmacy and manage payment options.

KP Mobile Rx screenshots

This went live in Colorado and Georgia on January 25, 2022 for iOS and the next day for Android. The remaining markets went live on February 9. The improvements resulted in a 6.4% increase in “Add to Cart” in the mobile app when measured 30 days before the redesign (Jan 11, 2022 – Feb 9, 2022) to May 17, 2022 – Jun 15, 2022.


#52 to #2 jump in Garner “Digital” IQ ranking to Genius in less than one year
1.2 app store star rating increase to 4.4

92% member satisfaction in app experience, 91M lab tests reviewed online, 49M prescriptions ordered online, 80% increase YoY in appointments booked online

“We brought our members, physicians, operators, designers and engineers together to make something magical for our patients”
— Prat Vemana, Chief Digital Officer

Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to digital transformation in health care doesn’t end with the launch of a new website and app. Rather, it’s a new beginning that represents a critical shift to treat each digital product as an ongoing, iterative experience to best serve patients. Moving from transactional to proactive care, and delivering a holistic health experience. Making smarter, more personalized care recommendations with every visit, every tap and every interaction. Delivering the best and most relevant content, resources and tools to their audience, wherever they are in their journey. One destination — millions of curated pathways to care.

Webby award process

Upon agreement to apply, completion and internal review of the application was underway. Once we applied, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences members select the Webby Award Nominees. Each submission is evaluated against a number of criteria based on the category in two rounds of judging; the first round identifies top entries by category and the second round is evaluated by Executive Members of the Academy with category-specific expertise.
Apps are evaluated on:

• Content
• Structure and Navigation
• Visual Design
• Functionality
• Interactivity
• Innovation
• Performance
• Overall Experience

There are two chances to win a Webby Award – the Webby People’s Voice Award chosen by the online community through a public vote from the list of nominees and the Webby award determined by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences based on judges’ review and analysis. For 2022, we won the People’s Voice Award and Warby Parker was chosen by the academy. Other nominees in our category were: Apple Fitness+, Know Your Lemons Breast Health, and Nike-NikeSync. Headspace has won multiple years in both categories. Other recent Webby winners include EXHALE, St. Jude’s Research Hospital, and Peloton.

Just the beginning

Our fellow nominees and prior Webby award winners demonstrates our mobile application is leading the way in using technology – and not just as a health care provider but as an innovator in technology itself. New capabilities are already underway such as Geolocation-Powered Personalized Care Reminders.

Geolocation pilot

The Geolocation pilot was launched in December 2021, enabling members at pilot sites — 29 facilities in 6 markets — to see their personalized care reminders when they visit a KP facility.

Problems Geolocation solves for:

  • Encourage members to close missed routine screenings
  • Help members complete care tasks in minimum visits
  • Ease the burden of medical assistants, who are manually reminding members to complete tasks
  • Create a seamless experience across KP’s digital platform and care on-site

Current available features include:

  • Detects when members are at facility using geolocation
  • Welcome member onsite with facility name
  • Reminds members of open care tasks such as at-facility pharmacy pick-ups, flu shots and labs (Colorado only)

Future opportunities include additional care and clinical quality tasks, Wayfinding, and automatic check-in when member is detected on sight. Equipped with a bold, innovative digital product, Kaiser Permanente is more prepared than ever to navigate, pivot and adapt in this rapidly evolving world.

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