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GSAA TPMG Q1 2021 Innovation Forum: Remote Patient Monitoring

March 2021: Article by Jennifer Cunha, PI Consultant/ Innovation & Telehealth Strategy

What is the Greater Southern Alameda Area (GSAA) The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) Innovations Program?

The GSSA TPMG Innovations Program was founded in 1999 by a forward-thinking individual, Dr. Barry Scurran. Since then, it has proven to be an effective organization for funding and fostering innovative project ideas to support important GSAA strategic priorities.

We are excited to announce the GSAA Innovation Lab now hosts quarterly innovation forums for physicians and staff from the Fremont, Union City, San Leandro and Hayward facilities. Topics are targeted to leaders and innovators; they range from teaching how to develop innovative mindsets to collecting Voice of the Customer (VoC) and presenting cutting edge tech highlights.


Have you heard of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)? Do you wonder where KP is with this increasingly popular technology? RPM, which has been around since the 1970s is having a major utilization uptick in healthcare today. Telehealth applications need to be more tech-savvy, connected and innovative than ever before.

Q1 2021 Innovation Forum

This quarter’s innovation forum was conducted March 19, 2021, and focused on RPM.

This consisted of the following presentations:

  • Rahul Parikh, MD and Stephanie Stevens from The Technology Group presented updates on the KP Health Ally NCAL pilot.
  • George Lai, a local innovator and physician, who is working with Ejenta to test Bluetooth BP cuffs and scales on Peritoneal Dialysis patients.
  • Maranda Smith, MCoE Workforce Portfolio Manager with the Mobility Center of Excellence presented an overview of their mobile services, solutions and enterprise-wide engagements in partnership with GSAA TPMG Innovations team.

Click here to view the presentation slides to learn more.

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