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Express Check-In App Gets Enhanced To Include
COVID-19 Messaging

April 2020: Article by Joe DiMilia, CSPO – Principal Consultant, Express Check-in IT Product Manager

Developed and implemented with little lead time, the updated app works to reduce the risk of transmission or exposure before members arrive at a medical office. Members using the Express Check-In web application to check-in for their in-person medical appointments will now find an experience that includes critical information, screening, and guidance around COVID-19.

Express Check-In allows members to check-in for an appointment up to one day before they arrive at their local medical facility. The process is simple: members receive a text or email 24 hours before their appointment letting them know they can check-in online.

Additions to the beginning of Express Check-In’s interface provide key information about COVID-19 symptoms. The added screening information helps members make informed decisions before arriving at their in-person appointment.

App screens members for possible symptoms

Express Check-In overall flow

Express Check-In screens if COVID-19 symptoms reported

Express Check-In screens if no COVID-19 symptoms reported

The new process helps reduce virus transmission or exposure to our frontline staff, physicians, and other patients. Once members sign in, a new content page asks questions about possible COVID-19 symptoms. The Express Check-in enhancements direct members who think they or someone they live with may have symptoms to contact regional advice call centers. Clinical staff can then further assess for alternatives to an in-person visit, such as a video or telephone visit.

The goal of the new screening is to reduce the risk of transmission or exposure before members arrive at a medical office.

The update was delivered in less than a month

In mid-March, regional leaders requested enhancements to Express Check-In that would inform members about COVID-19 and direct them to the appropriate clinical resources. By the beginning of April, the Express Check-In team of engineers and product developers — working closely with Mobility Center of Excellence user experience designers and product quality engineers — launched the updated app after an expedited design, development, and testing period of just two weeks!

“Speaking to IT’s teamwork and dedication, it is an extraordinary accomplishment that the team delivered the changes — from inception to deployment — in less than one month,” said Ann Sherry, VP, Revenue Management Technology, CSIT. “I continue to be so proud of this team and the amazing collaboration!”

Members can use the app for Express Check-In currently in Colorado, Georgia, and Southern California. Plans for future deployments of the Express Check-In feature with the COVID-19 enhancements for other regions (Mid-Atlantic, Northwest, and Northern California) are being evaluated as the pandemic progresses.

For more on Express Check-In and the Check-In Experience products, check out this IT Cares video from the January 2020 IT Town Hall.

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