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How the KP App Stepped Up With Express Check-in

January 2021: Article by Heather Rodgers, UX/UI Designer

Express check-in forward thinking

In the Spring of 2020 the spread of COVID-19 quickly filled our newsfeeds and became a time of uncertainty as we navigated a new way of life. As guidelines for social distancing were established it became apparent that Kaiser Permanente’s Express Check-in (ECI) feature was going to be a great asset for its members. Express Check-in already gave Kaiser members the option to check-in at facilities using a kiosk rather than seeing a receptionist in person. But could we even go one step farther? A true contactless experience? The answer was yes, and it was already in the works.


Unbeknownst of the upcoming pandemic, the ECI team had already started working on new options for KP members to check-in without even having to visit a kiosk. Two ideas were on the drawing table. Checking in with purely using your Smartphone or having an in-app experience. The team now needed to decide which option would be best and the decision had to be made quickly. The MCoE Design team was up for the task and was able to deliver designs with a prototype within a matter of weeks for both options with full comps. The user researcher was able to hit the ground running and return results quickly to the product owners. It was decided, Smartphone check-in would be a new feature within KP Mobile!

KP Mobile ECI options

Meeting the need

This new feature would prove to be in high demand. With the ability to prepay their co-pay and checkin using, members can skip the receptionist and kiosk altogether. They may also checkin using the kiosk if they prefer. Giving the member a true touch free experience by eliminating any contact before arriving at their appointment gives both members and staff peace of mind by keeping human contact to a minimum.

KP Mobile ECI all done screen

Continue response to needs

The MCoE Newsletter highlighted this work earlier but with a rapid increase of this already convenient feature, the Express Check-in team had to continue to adapt quickly to accommodate changing restrictions on symptomatic members, especially as the COVID-19 symptom list grew daily. The solution was to require the member to take a pre-screening questionnaire before they could check-in to their appointment. Simply, if a member had any COVID-19 symptoms they would not be allowed to check-in to their scheduled appointment online, instead they would be required to contact the COVID-19 nurse hotline which would direct them for proper care.
KP Mobile asymptomatic symptom checker screens
KP Mobile symptomatic symptom checker screens

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