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Digital Membership ID Card
Now Live in Northern California

November 2020: Article by Valerie Thygesen, CSPO
IT Consultant Principal, Digital Membership Card IT Product Manager

We are pleased to announce KP’s digital membership ID card (DMC), available on the KP Mobile app, is live in Northern California for all KP members. The DMC is now available in all market areas except Washington which has its own digital ID card available on the KP Washington Mobile app.

Key features

  • Can be used in place of physical card to check-in for services like appointments, labs, and imaging as well as pick up prescriptions at Kaiser Permanente facilities
  • Can be saved as an Apple Wallet pass*
  • KP pharmacy staff can scan a member’s DMC QR code to start the prescription fulfillment process
  • Call KP Member Services and the Appointment and Advice Call Center by tapping the number
  • Digital card images can be emailed to others like outside providers
Digital ID screen capture Digital ID screen capture
KP Digital Membership Card – Front and Back of Digital Card


  • The DMC offers members personalized, secure, convenient digital access to their KP membership ID cards for themselves and their family members.
  • The DMC offers members offline access to their digital ID card(s) via the Apple Wallet and the flexibility of not logging into the app to access their DMC.
  • Additionally, it supports KP’s shift towards a more contactless member experience at KP facilities by making it easier for members to access their ID card on their smartphone in place of their physical card.

Future opportunities

DMC will be available on Northern California’s My Doctor Online app in Q1 2021.

Members will scan their DMC QR code at the reception desk to start the outpatient appointment check-in or Express Check-in arrival workflow.

Communicating this change to staff and members

Northern California alerted staff that starting Oct. 1, Kaiser Permanente Northern California will transition from the current embossed member cards to a member ID card in a new laminated format. The communication included the announcement of all KP members being able to access a digital card through the KP mobile application on Oct. 2.

Northern California is not promoting the digital membership card at this time because Front Desk workstations in facilities are not yet set up to scan it. However, KP will do a bigger promotion in NCAL in the future when the facilities are set up to scan the digital ID cards.

If you want to see your DMC now and add it to your Apple Wallet…

  • On the KP Mobile app home screen, tap the “Member ID Card” button on the bottom righthand side (it may be below the fold) or on the updated home screen, tap the ID card button on the top righthand side.
  • To add your DMC to your Apple Wallet, tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” button and follow the workflow.
Digital ID screen capture OR Digital ID screen capture Digital ID screen capture
KP Digital Membership Card – Front and Back of Digital Card

*(A similar offering for Android users is on DMC’s backlog – go-live TBD 2021 pending funding.)


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