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CasePick Limited Pilot
Off The Ground

November 2020: Article by Ryan C Mccormack

What is CasePick?

The CasePick mobile application will improve the workflow for supply chain operating room personnel by creating a mobile solution that interacts with the OneLink system used for inventory management. CasePick will show surgical case supplies to be picked, eliminate the heavy use of paper pick lists in the current process, and improve data within Kaiser Permanente Health Connect (KPHC) for the start of a case. The mobile app will let the user indicate what was picked for a case as well as implementing a simplified return process for unused items. The mobile app will send a completed pick list status back to OneLink and transfer back to KPHC.

Controlled pilot currently underway

The development team is working closely with point of use partners to digitize the case picking process at the hospitals. Today this is mostly a manual process, where the mobile application allows the supply chain technician to scan each item being pulled off the shelf. This allows our partners to have more accurate real time inventory data and the supply chain techs the convenience of utilizing the mobile app on their iPhone. This pilot phase is currently underway with a Fresno team who have had the opportunity to work closely with the development team to improve the user experience. The hope is to continue learning as CasePick features are rolled out to more locations during the pilot.

CasePick app welcome screen Case pick list screen capture Case details screen capture Bar code scanned screen capture

This effort is a collaboration of KPHC regional OpTime Leads, OneLink IT, OneLink Program Office Functional/Implementation and Support teams, Enterprise Integration Services, Quality Management and Testing, SQA Engineering, Mobility Center for Excellence, KPHC Interconnect and KPHC Web teams.


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