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Attestation Passes the Test

January 2021: Article by Maranda Smith, Workforce Portfolio Manager and
Stuart Sands, KP-Digital Principal Systems Architect

COVID-19 safety requirements

When the state of California announced new safety requirements as per the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Kaiser facilities were expected to provide onsite fever screening and self-reporting of COVID-19 symptoms for all patients, visitors and staff prior to or immediately upon entering a facility or practice.

In addition to self-attestation via posters installed at each facility with URL/QR Codes to self-certify upon entry, the Badge Reader Attestation project was initiated to also install badge reader attestation capabilities at facility entrances lacking badge readers – especially at all doors in medical office buildings.

Photo of Attestation station kiosk

Cross functional teamwork

In Q3, KP Digital Strategic Technologies was contacted by KP Security Support Services to help with a cost-effective, rapid solution for badge attestation. KP Digital (KPD) Strategic Technologies worked closely with World Wide Technologies (WWT) to ideate, evaluate, and recommend a solution to meet with the urgent deadline to create an attestation station for Covid19. A cross-functional SWAT team, including National Facilities Services (NFS), Engineering Infrastructure, IT Engineering Applications, Capital Project Delivery, the MCoE, and WWT was assembled to divide and conquer. The team was tasked to design a solution, acquire and configure all the hardware, build, test and certify a custom mobile application from scratch and then deploy the solution nationwide to 1,050 sites within four weeks while in the middle of the pandemic!

There were many moving parts and unknowns in the project, complicated further by the tight timeline. For example – this project fell right in the middle of the major Chinese summer holiday which typically shuts down the entire country; however, through some extraordinary conversations (aka begging), WWT’s kiosk manufacture was able to pull their team back from vacation to manufacture the kiosks on-time.

Another hurdle was the acquisition of over 1,000 iPads in the tight project timeline. The team worked closely with Apple to get the units delivered on time, despite the change in Apple’s iPad lineup which discontinued KP’s formerly certified iPad models.

KP uses several different badge formats and encryptions. The team worked with the vendors to acquire and configure the badge readers so all badges are read correctly across regions and service areas.

Undeterred, the software team held design workshops with all stakeholders and then jumped in to go from designing to fully certifying a custom mobile app within three and a half weeks! The solution also provides a back-end fleet management tool that tracks all the kiosks, identifying location and battery status nationwide. The team built this tool in the remaining two and a half weeks.

Photo of Attestation station kiosk Attestation station

One for the record

In the meantime, tight partnership between KP and WWT resulted in a detailed deployment plan involving the WWT operations center in St. Louis quickly unpacking, configuring and then re-packing 1,050 iPads as well as all the components to be shipped to all the regions around the country. At one-point Kaiser and WWT team was deploying stations in all seven regions simultaneously helping to conduct one of the fastest nationwide rollouts of a new technology in KP history.

Congratulations to you all for a job well done!

“The success of this project is solely attributable to the excellent dedicated teamwork within KP and with our external partners. Everyone was focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our employees and members and it showed. To go from ideation to production in 4 weeks and rollout more than 750 devices to all regions within 3 weeks clearly demonstrates what is possible for us to achieve. I’m very proud to have been part of this effort and honored to work with our internal KP partners and WWT.”

Stuart Sands, Principal Systems Architect, KPD Strategic Technologies

“During these extremely difficult times, it is all about teamwork and adapting to obstacles that are in front of us. WWT could not be more proud and humbled to support Kaiser in just one small piece of their Covid-19 response program. WWT is honored to help with the Attestation Stations and is incredibly thankful for the unbelievable teamwork across Kaiser without which none of this would have been possible.”

Matthew Stein – WWT Healthcare Solutions Engineer


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