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Mobile App Highlights For Our KP Community During The Pandemic

September 2020: Article by Shelly Sachdeva, MCoE Certification Manager and
Jiarui Ye, Intern

The MCoE And Community Health

At Kaiser Permanente, we value community health as one of our top priorities through the maintenance, protection, and improvement of the health status of our members and beyond. Within our Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE), we utilize our ability to design, develop, certify, and deploy mobile apps for KP members, providers, and workforce in order to support this mission.

We would like to spotlight two mobile application programs that have supported our commitment to our communities during these unprecedented times. These apps have helped our KP members in supporting their physical and mental health, as well as improving the efficiency of their self-care without leaving the comfort of home.

KP Health Ally (remote patient monitoring):

Using KP Health Ally, our KP clinicians are able to remotely monitor our patients and seamlessly share device data with our care teams. This platform provides tools to put real-time data in the hands of clinicians to take the guess work out and help support patients on their health journey. KP Health Ally allows patients to enroll in multiple remote monitoring programs, such as hypertension and diabetes management. Through this application, our clinicians are able to share and see all readings and goals to better assist our members with any medical concerns. This app is available for download in all regions, excluding Hawaii. KP Health Ally is currently supporting over 13,000 members. (Note: You must be enrolled in a program from your provider in order to use this application.)

KP Health Ally was recently spotlighted as a care story on our public website.
Visit the MCoE website to learn more about KP Health Ally.

Health Ally icon

Mobile Apps for your Mental Health

At KP, we share an enterprise-wide goal to support the emotional health and wellbeing of our members across the care continuum. These wellness apps can help you navigate life’s challenges, and make small changes to improve your sleep, mood, relationships, and more. During these times, these mental health apps have assisted with our mission in providing content that encourages behavior change. The ecosystem uses digital therapeutics, such as meditations, podcasts, and articles to improve emotional health and wellness. Today, members can download Calm & MyStrength at no cost.

Learn more about Calm as featured in InsideKP.
Also, take a look at our other consumer recommended mental health apps in the public app stores: Whil, Thrive, Silvercloud, Lantern, Headspace,

Headspace app icon Whil app icon

These mobile application programs have helped make healthcare more accessible to our members, providers, and workforce, especially during these unprecedented times. Here at the MCoE, we believe that through our mobile development process, we are helping our Kaiser Permanente communities with better health quality care, promotion, and prevention.

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