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App Account Deletion/Deactivation –
Words Matter

March 2022: Article by Leisa A Refalo, Principal iOS Engineer

Apple’s delete account requirement

Apple has a new requirement that states for all iOS apps that support account creation they must let users initiate the deletion of the account from the app as well. This requirement applies to all kinds of accounts including games, social media, and subscriptions. This requirement was announced last year and the deadline was extended to June 30, 2022.

KP’s customer facing apps need to comply with the requirement but since we are considered a highly regulated industry, we also have other requirements to consider. We have a single account for our members to access their medical records, get health care online at and in the mobile apps such as KP Mobile, KP Washington, My Doctor Online (NCAL), KP Meds, and KP Health Ally. Our legal department very strongly advised that we not use the language “Delete” account since we are required by law to maintain medical records and access logs. KP Mobile and KP Washington both completed user testing on the requirement and found people were scared that it would also cancel their coverage.

MCoE integration

We, along with other key KP partners such as UX writing, met with Apple six times to review our process, enlighten them to our additional requirements, and refine the language so that it was acceptable to all parties. Once we were aligned on appropriate wording, the Mobile Development Kit (MDK) incorporated the deactivate account functionality into the KPConsumerAuth library to be used by our custom consumer apps. These apps have two ways to implement this new functionality:

  • Set a flag to make it available from the “Sign In Help” screen
  • Invoke deactivation flow directly from an appropriate location in the their app

There is an information screen, a sign in screen to validate the user, and a confirmation screen. By selecting “Deactivate Online Account” you will no longer be able to sign into Kaiser Permanente mobile applications and websites using this registered login. Deactivating your online account will not change your coverage with Kaiser Permanente. Your information, including your medical record, will be retained as permitted by law. This will be made available to users from a new section in settings called “Account Security”. The online account can be restored by calling the Help Desk, 1-800-556-7677.

Sign in Help mobile phone screenshotDeactivation details mobile phone screenshotDeactivation confirmation mobile phone screenshotDeactivation successful request mobile phone screenshot

The wording of Apple’s policy has not changed, however, updates to our apps that use “Deactivation” will be approved for publication in the Apple App Store. Persistence and collaboration with Apple made this a win for our members!


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