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Agile Tips: Best Practices for Error Reporting

The MCoE team provides a variety of Core Services that include designing and building mobile apps using the agile methodology for delivery.

In order to work efficiently with scrum teams, and to improve sprint planning and delivery timelines, users and admins alike should follow this workflow when reporting bugs, errors, or feature enhancements to the product owner, scrum master or development team.


  • Provide a description of the bug, error or for feature enhancements, write a User Story. (User stories are often expressed in a simple sentence, structured as follows: “As a [persona], I [want to], [so that].” This structure is not required, but it is helpful for defining done. When that persona can capture their desired value, then the story is complete. We encourage teams to define their own structure, and then to stick to it.)
  • Provide a workflow path that can be re-created by the dev team and by the testing team.
  • Provide reporting artifacts, such as a video or screenshots, annotated if possible.


  • Provide operating system and device information.
  • Provide information around other users / audiences affected with the same issue.
  • If there are integrated services, such as Box, test access to all folders by sending the Box folder link to the user. Can the user directly access / download the files via their Box desktop account or mobile app?


  • Are users accessing the mobile app on a KP-network or off network? Over Wi-fi? Over the iPhone / iPad Verizon or ATT network?
  • Is the Netskope client enabled for the iPad, allowing for a KP network gateway?
  • Is the user authenticated using PingID?

What To Expect Next

All of these details (and more) help the development team to diagnose the issues quicker through a comprehensive understanding of the error. Then, troubleshooting work can begin to replicate the same workflow within the reported environments.

The next step after defining the path of the user error would be to set up time with the dev team to talk through the issues, define challenges or requirements and expectations around deliverables.

Once the mobile app is in the users’ hands, there will be ongoing discussions for the continued support and maintenance of the app.

Need Help with Process Documentation?

We’re here to help with your mobile app management needs. Please reach out to for additional guidance on all things mobile, or for help with certifying, developing, designing, or deploying your mobile app, submit an intake form.

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