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2021 MCoE Year in Review Overview

February 2022: Article by Michelle Watson, MCoE Provider Portfolio Manager and Ken Ballinger, MCoE Engagement Manager

MCoE 2021

What did 2021 look like for the Mobility Center of Excellence? Check it out!

311 Engagements, 132 Certifications, 280 apps in Production, 448 Releases, 8 newsletters to over 3700 employees, 4.95/5 Satisfaction Rating

Marketing and Outreach

We are staying in touch with our stakeholders and partners within KP across various channels.
In 2021:

  • We reached over 3,900 KP employees with 8 newsletters consisting of 49 individual articles and our monthly mobility reports
  • We engaged with 3,400 employees on Yammer
  • Our website had 50,000 page views (9.8% more than 2020)
  • An average of 81 attendees joined us for our Design Community of Practice sessions
  • Conducted Development Community of Practice sessions with 41 average developers joining
  • We presented at nine outreach events including hosting the MCoE Mobile Days.

2021 Engagement activity

The first step in providing services begins with an engagement intake. Engagement Managers are then assigned to ensure each mobile application is designed, developed, certified, released, and managed efficiently and effectively from intake through deployment. In 2021, our intakes continued to be sizable as mobile apps continued to support in person and remote activities.

311 Completed engagements in 2021

2021 Certification activity

If an app is available on the KP App store, iTunes, or Google Play, it must adhere to the KP National Policy. This year continued to be busy with 132 certifications being assessed and passing required gates based on the nature of the app itself.

132 certifications completed in 2021

Stampede usage

Stampede is a continuous automation platform that integrates closely with GitHub to provide development teams with a streamlined DevOps process. Since the pilot launch in March 2020 and full launch in May 2020, Stampede has seen steady growth. In the February through May 2021 timeframe Stampede was optimized by tuning usage on tasks that were not leveraged. The end of year decline is related teams properly using GitHub releases.

Stampede usage

2021 Release activity

We deploy to the KP AppStore (Intune and MobileIron, retired in June), TestFlight, iTunes, Google Beta, and Google Play. While third party apps typically only have one release, custom apps will have multiple releases for testing and validating before the final release available to users.

448 releases made in 2021

2021 Apps in production

The number of mobile apps in all MCoE portfolios is raising to meet the needs of our business. Find additional details about engagements, certifications, and releases by Workforce , Consumer, and Provider portfolio in the linked articles.

208 Apps in production in 2021

Mobile Development Kit (MDK)

The Mobile app Developer Kit was created to empower app developers to quickly start building or enhance their apps. It contains libraries of the best solutions to common problems encountered by the mobile app teams at Kaiser Permanente. Developers across KP contribute to the MDK, enabling all teams to benefit when enhancements are made.

The 20 MDK library’s usage varies from just one app to 36 for KP Security. Security is a complex problem to solve and use of this library ensures requirements are met while giving the member a consistent experience across apps.

MDK usage
MDK libraries are used by most of our custom apps with KP Mobile consuming the most of any app. Note that the graph includes retired and proof of concept apps that may have been in use at some point in 2021 before being retired by year end.

MDK usage by app
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