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2021 Consumer Portfolio

January 2022: Article by Jenny Lo & Tonja Williams, MCoE Consumer Portfolio and Engagement Managers


The Consumer Portfolio includes all certified member-facing apps for our KP members. These apps have either been custom developed and designed here at Kaiser Permanente and/or leveraging vendor-sourced apps with our members in mind.

2021 Memorable Mobile Consumer Apps

One of the newest custom consumer apps released in 2021 was KP Health Partner.

KP Health Partner/Condition Management: KP Health Partner mobile application enable members with certain chronic/non-chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, to manage their health. The app aims to add a social aspect to members care management program and utilizes AI/ML capabilities to personalize each members experience. The app will have personalized content to motivate users to exercise, and to manage diet, and stress. The app was launched August 2021.

By the numbers

2021 was quite a year. Although we had a decrease in engagement intakes, we had almost as many certifications and releases in 2020. Most of the consumer mobile apps had more TestFlight/Google Beta submissions, dot releases and hot fixes to accommodate the changes with how the pandemic was impacting our members.

2020: 126 resolved/closed Consumer app engagements, 80 certs, 310 releases
2021: 69 resolved/closed Consumer app engagements, 71 certs, 285 releases

2020 & 2021 Consumer portfolio intakes, certifications, and releases

We had a total of 8 KP Mobile iOS and Android releases including hot fixes and updates last year! Check out some of our release articles published to our members below!

Trends/Future of 2022 and beyond

There were quite a few new engagements with focus on our members along with potential to be part of our flagship app such as an interest in remote monitoring and a seamless ordering process for durable medical equipment for our members.

Latest from Kaiser Permanente is the KP VR (Virtual Reality) app. It provides a 3D environment comprising of 360 video panoramas showcasing various healthcare facilities in a given region of the US. Users can explore individual departments and areas of healthcare on a self-guided tour, featuring educational content and information about Kaiser Permanente’s unique healthcare benefits via interactive user interface items to navigate and activate videos, text, images, and 3D models within the environment. A user may self-select the experience and tour they desire: Welcome to Kaiser Permanente, Experts in Specialty Care, Having a Baby, The Future of Health Today (Mental Health & Wellness, Pediatrics, and Robotic Surgery), and Experience Mindfulness.
* Experience KP VR is currently available on VR headsets – KPNW, National, NCAL/SCAL, and KPWA Lenovo Mirage VR headsets.

To find consumer mobile apps available on your device, open the CompPortal app on your KP managed mobile device. Scroll down on the homepage to Categories and select “Consumer”. You may also find the apps in the public app stores, iTunes and Google Play.
Additional information can be found on the Consumer Portfolio page of our website.

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