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“Thanks for attending Mobile Days 2022”

The 2022 MCoE Mobile Days was a 2-day event October 5 & 6th, 2022. Over 7,000 of our business and IT partners across the enterprise were invited to join us for a lineup of keynote presentations from KPIT Leadership, Apple, Google, Microsoft and 13 of our partners on how they are using mobile applications to push boundaries in solving for business opportunities. You can rewatch them below.

Check below to view our presenters

Day 1 – October 5th

Day 2 – October 6th

Day 1 Presenter Details

– Keynote, Gustavo Pospischel, VP Experience Engineering

The KP Mobile app allows KP members and their proxies to access their records and manage their health by making and managing appointments, attending Video Visits, emailing their doctor, refilling prescriptions, viewing lab results, utilizing Membership Card, and locating KP facilities.

– KP Mobile, presented by Loveena Harwani

The KP Washington Mobile app helps members in the WA region manage their health care, refill prescriptions, make appointments, see lab results, exchange secure e-mail with doctors, and manage the care of children by proxy.

– KP WA, presented by Richa Pathak

Promoting ambassadorship through the fastest delivery channel, mobile. This app will allow KP employees to submit feedback from friends and family to a customer service channel, which will work quickly to address member grievances and improve customer experience.

– BeKP, presented by Michael Divic

The app was co-designed by experts from the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and people who smoke and also know the importance of getting a little extra support to meet their health goals.

– GEMS, presented by Jennifer McClure and Jeff Garner

KP OWL (Operations Watch List for KP-managed iPhones) allows staff within different hospitals to manage care with metrics.

– KP OWL, presented by Salvador Rodriguez Davila

Managing your health just got easier with the Kaiser Permanente Health Ally app, designed for patients enrolled in a diabetes or hypertension Remote Monitoring program.

– KP Health Ally, presented by Dave Call, Rajan Raj, Sanjay Anand

The MCoE Development team has expert resources for developing your iOS and Android mobile applications. Whether you are interested in having our developers consult on your project or you would like us to build a fully functional mobile application, the MCoE Development team has the knowledge to get your application delivered.

– MCoE DevOps, Panel discussion with Colin Moore, Brandon Presley, & Thomas Branch,

The MCoE Mobile Development Kit is a collection of shared, reusable libraries for iOS and Android which implement common functionality many apps need. They help enable mobile app delivery teams to quickly build an app by reusing development efforts from previous projects on existing products so they can focus on what sets their app apart. 

– MCoE Mobile Development Kit, Panel discussion with Matt Rapier, Erik Everson, David Shellabarger, Premalatha Thirunavukkarasu 

Not Available due to NDA

“Movement as a Vital Sign – Measuring Health with Motion”. The talk will cover a few of the features the Motion Health Technologies team has shipped including gait metrics, a measure for fall risk, and metrics to monitor patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

– Apple, Adeeti Ullal, Senior Manager, Motion Health Technologies

– Day one recap with Brian Kottcamp, MCoE App Development and Delivery Director

Day 2 Presenter Details

– Welcome with Asim Qadir, MCoE Executive Director

Fitbit Health Solutions – So much more than steps! Fitbit’s health sensing & experiences have advanced over the last decade of innovation to bring so much more than steps!  Join us to hear from experts across the Fitbit Health Solutions clinical, product and business teams for an interactive panel session to share partnership approach, product innovations and real-world impact with a focus on best practices to integrate wearable technology into program design to support improve health across the spectrum of care.  

– Google, presented by Amy McDonough, Aleksandro Grabulov and Dr. Kapil Parak

Walktober encourages daily activity to improve well-being during the month of October. The goal is to log activity consistently during the campaign. Participants earn leaves and reveal breathtaking landscapes by logging activity. Any activity counts—not just walking. The program is accessible by desktop or mobile device browser, and mobile app.

– Workforce Well-Being, presented by Rachel LaBerge and Carol Akiyama

Mobile applications that are used for Child Life Care in the pediatric department for education and entertainment.

– Edutainment, presented by Katie Detrich

The Security Gate is used to determine the security risk profile of the app and assess whether regulatory guidelines apply, such as HIPAA for Patient Health Information (PHI), SOX for general ledger data, and PCI for monetary transaction data. MCoE team partners with security team for app to be tested for security vulnerabilities that may put KP data at risk.

– Technology Risk Office, presented by Jose Calvillo

Chamai is an organization-wide effort to support prevention and early intervention for emotional health and wellness through digital tools and therapeutics.

Check out this interesting case study: How Kaiser Permanente Created a Mental Health and Wellness Digital Ecosystem | NEJM Catalyst

– Project Chamai, presented by Trina Histon ​​​​​​​

Microsoft will cover what they are doing with Metaverse, Avatars, Virtual Spaces and Holograms, how they are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to it, what ethics and privacy guidelines they are putting in place and will give some hints about the next big announcements they will be making at their annual Ignite conference.

– Microsoft presented by Pouneh Minovi Kaufman

The Nucleus SmartNav system, including the mobile app, is a tool to support surgeons when placing a coclear implant. TheNucleus SmartNav system provides wireless and real-time actionable intra operative insights. It has been designed to set a new benchmark in coclear implant surgery, to confidently assure professionals and their patients of their surgical outcome.

– Nucleus SmartNav, presented by Loretta Lee

– Event wrap up with Ketil Jensen, MCoE Engagement and Certification Director




Event Support

  • Ken Ballinger
  • Ketil Jensen
  • Maranda Smith
  • Supriya Kannan
  • Larry Kless
  • Luke Sullivan
  • Matthew Ricker
  • Jason Choate
  • Danielle Demerle
  • Grant Chic
  • James Hinkle
  • Jenny Lo
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  • Shelly Sachdeva

MCoE Mobile Days event FAQ 

  • How can I join your mailing list? Send an email to or message us on Yammer/Viva Engage.  
  • How do I get the invite? Request the invite by emailing or messaging us on Yammer/Viva Engage.  How can I watch the event?  Mobile Days 2022 is a virtual event. You can watch from MS Teams Live event or through Yammer/Viva Engage.   
  • How do I engage with the MCoE? It stars here! You can submit a consultation request or check out our website to review an abundance of resources. (Global Connection is required)  
  • Do I have to attend the entire event? No. We recognize you have your primary functions to deal with, so you can join us for some or all of the presentations. You can also watch them on demand starting the week after the event. Check our website after the event for more details.  
  • Is this a live event? Absolutely. This year we are streaming live with over 20 presentations and with the help of KP Multimedia.   
  • Do I need to register for the event? No. Mobile Days is open to all KP employees and contractors. 
  • What is the difference between watching through Yammer/Viva Engage and MS Teams? MS Teams allows us to take live QA for our presenters and Yammer/Viva Engage will be a streaming option only without the ability to ask live questions.