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Best practices for practices in the Operate/Obtain Insights stage of a mobile apps life cycle


In app analytics helps to keep track of all mobile interactions with users and deliver the best mobile experience. KPAnalytics combines multiple analytic providers into an easy to use library for consumption by applications.

On Android side library supports, Countly, Webtrends, Google analytics and Adobe Analytics. iOS version of the library currently supports only provider.

Learn more about KPAnalytics here.

Countly is a cross platform analytics tool. It can track mobile analytics metrics such as active users, time spent in-app, application version, platform, customer location will be there waiting for you in your dashboard after integrating Countly SDK into your mobile application, no additional configuration required. Countly is true real-time so every data point sent from the SDK is instantly available in the dashboard.

Countly is located at

You can submit request to create Countly profile using service desk.

Crash Reporting and Performance monitoring


Firebase Crashlytics is cross platform realtime crash reporting tool. It helps you track, prioritize, and fix stability issues that erode your app quality. Crashlytics saves you troubleshooting time by intelligently grouping crashes and highlighting the circumstances that lead up to them. Find out if a particular crash is impacting a lot of users. Get alerts when an issue suddenly increases in severity. Figure out which lines of code are causing crashes.

You can find Crashlytics in Firebase Console in the project space under Quality section.

Explore KP Firebase console here.


Dynatrace is another cross platform monitoring tool for mobile applications.

Reviewing and fixing mobile app crashes is vital to improving mobile-app user experience. Dynatrace OneAgent for Mobile captures crashes and sends the stack traces to Dynatrace so that the criticality of the crash can be assessed and the root cause of the issue can be identified. With the mobile-crash analysis workflow, you can see the impact of crashes, identify the affected user groups, and quickly get to the root cause. By proactively resolving issues, you can thereby ensure that your applications consistently meet your business goals.

Follow the instructions here to get access to Dynatrace or read how to get started here.

App Store reviews

App Store ratings and reviews are an assessment of a product and provide social proof of app quality. To understand our customers, we need qualitative data to make sense of quantitative data. At Kaiser Permanente we use to analyze and monitor mobile feedback on Google Play and iTunes Connect.

Responding to reviews protects Kaiser Permanente’s brand, instills trust, transparency and lets the world know the company cares about its members. Conversocial is the platform Members Services uses to respond to reviews. Responses to reviews should be concise, friendly, personalized and directly addresses the reviewer’s feedback.

How to monitor? monitors and analyzes mobile apps published on Google Play and iTunes Connect. Observing and gathering reviews provides product teams insight on the performance of the app. Users of the platform have the ability to generate reports, create email triggers every time a member submits a review and analyze trends.

To request a account submit a service desk ticket.

How to respond?

Conversocial is all-in-one messaging suite combining four key capabilities into a single customer engagement platform that enables brands to deliver one-to-one, personalized conversational experiences. Kaiser Permanente’s Member Services uses Conversocial to reply to mobile reviews on the Google Play App Store. The platform is used to help prioritize, engage and resolve tier 1 customer issues.

To learn more about the tool refer to

Certification OpsGate

Certification takes your app’s quality to the next level and ensures all KP mobile applications meet KP brand, regulatory and compliance requirements while adhering to national policy.

Learn more about MCoE certification process and gates here.