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Mobile Development Kit (MDK)

The Mobile Development Kit is a collection of shared, reusable libraries for iOS and Android which implement common functionality many apps need. They help enable mobile app delivery teams to quickly build an app by reusing development efforts from previous projects on existing products so they can focus on what sets their app apart. Additionally, when there are improvements, platform support changes or critical fixes, they can be implemented in one place and then shared with all consuming apps. This usually makes the downstream efforts a simple matter of updating the library, unless there are new or changed APIs associated with the release.

Get Involved

A great way to get involved is to contribute to the existing libraries you’re using. Since creating an issue and making a pull request are platform- and library-specific, please open an Mobile DevOps Service Request.

Create an Issue

If you find a bug in a library you’re using (and you don’t know how to fix it), have trouble following the documentation or have a question about the library – create an issue! There’s nothing to it and whatever issue you’re having, you’re likely not the only one, so others will find your issue helpful too.

Pull Request

If you’re able to patch the bug or add the feature yourself – fantastic, make a pull request with the code! Once you’ve submitted a pull request, the maintainer(s) can compare your branch to the existing one and decide whether or not to incorporate (pull in) your changes.

MDK in the News

Stay up to date with MDK App developments – bookmark this News tag and visit often.

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