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Mobile Development Community of Practice

We’re looking to partner with mobile developers within KP to facilitate knowledge transfer. We can share lessons learned, inform on best practices, and ensure the highest quality mobile products for health care.

When are the mCOP meetings?

Day: 3rd Tuesday of every month
Time: 1 p.m. Pacific Time

To join in on these meetings and discuss ideas and please join the Microsoft Teams meeting, found here.

What topics are discussed?

A large variety of mobile related topics are discussed at the Community of Practice including unit testing, programming challenges, accessibility testing, the latest technology for iOS and Android, and much more.

mCOP Topics and Recording Archive

See our mCOP topics below. If you missed a meeting or would like to review a topic, simply watch the past presentations through Microsoft Stream (starting June 2019) or download the Webex file (see note below).

Years: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Note on Webex: To download
assets from Box (videos prior to June, 2019), you must have a valid KP box account. Visit the Comms Kp
website to set up a Box account. To play the .ARF file you must first download the WebEx Player application by going to and visiting Meeting Center Tab -> Support -> Downloads -> Recorders and Players.


Date Topics Videos
May 2021
  • MongoDB Atlas + Realm
    (Roy Kiesler @ MongoDB with an introduction from Oleksiy Pobyeda)
June 2021 Stream
May 2021
  • Material Design (🤖 demo)
    (Oleksiy Pobyeda)
May 2021 Stream
April 2021
  • De-protocolizing (🍏 workshop)
    (John Nyquist)
April 2021 Stream
March 2021
  • KP Consumer Auth
    (The MDK Team)
March 2021 Stream
February 2021
  • Mass Vaccination App Effort
    (John Nyquist & Leisa Refalo)
February 2021 Stream


Date Topics Videos
December 2020
  • How To Be Easier To Work With
    (Leisa Refalo)
December 2020 Stream
November 2020
  • Jetpack Compose with Big Nerd Ranch
    (Brian Gardner of Big Nerd Ranch)
November 2020 Stream
October 2020
  • MongoDB and Realm Overview
    (MongoDB Team and Ben Chatelain)
October 2020 Stream
June 2020
  • Transplant Services Mobile App Concept
    (Joy Smith)
  • Open Source vs Inner Source
    (Ben Chatelain)
June 2020 Stream
April 2020
  • MCOE DevOps Overview and Evolution Towards Gen 3
    (David House)
  • Accessibility Testing with Deque Tools – Manual and Automated
    (Lloyd McFarlin)
April 2020 Stream
May 2020
  • Twilio App POC
    (Kenneth Wieschhoff)
  • Quick and Nimble Unit Testing in iOS
    (Ben Chatelain)
May 2020 Stream
April 2020
  • MCOE DevOps Overview and Evolution Towards Gen 3
    (David House)
  • Accessibility Testing with Deque Tools – Manual and Automated
    (Lloyd McFarlin)
April 2020 Stream
March 2020
  • Game Development with GamePlayKit
    (John Nyquist)
March 2020 Stream
February 2020
  • Dependency Injection using Koin, Part 2 – Unit Testing with Koin
    (Erick Garcia)
February 2020 Stream
January 2020
  • Dependency Injection using Koin, Part 1 – Introduction to Koin
    (Erick Garcia)
January 2020 Stream


Date Topics Videos
November 2019
  • You Don’t Know Swift!
    (John Nyquist)
  • Dynamic Fonts in iOS
    (Leisa Refalo)
November 2019 Stream
October 2019
  • Working with the Confluence and JIRA API’s
    (Eric Li)
  • Android Tips and Best Practices
    (Joshua Fenemore)
October 2019 Stream
September 2019
  • KPNetwork and Mario
    (David House)
  • KPConsumerAuth
    (John Nyquist)
September 2019 Stream
July 2019
  • Google I/O 2019 Highlights
    (Ben Chatelain)
  • SwiftUI
    (David House)
July 2019 Stream
June 2019
  • KPLocationAwareness
    (Lloyd McFarlin)
  • Wayfinder 2.0
    (Erick Garcia)
June 2019 Stream
May 2019
  • Unit-testing tips in Android Studio, Part 2
    (Erick Garcia)
May 2019 Webex
March 2019
  • Unit-testing tips in Android Studio
    (Erick Garcia)
  • CSUN recap
    (Ben Chatelain)
March 2019 WebEx
February 2019
  • Universal applications and dynamic fonts in Xcode
    (Lloyd McFarlin)
  • What’s new in Swift 5?
    (David House)
Oh No! The Recording (or the host) Failed!
January 2019
  • Data-binding in Android
    (Erick Garcia)
January 2019 WebEx

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Date Topics Videos
December 2018
  • MDP app on-boarding
    (Erik Everson)
  • Google’s WebP image format
    (Erick Garcia)
December 2018 WebEx
November 2018
  • Upcoming events
    (Lloyd McFarlin)
  • Intro to Kotlin
    (Josh Mieczkowski)
  • State of the Mobile Delivery Pipeline
    (Ben Chatelain)
November 2018 WebEx
October 2018
  • Dependency-Injection in Kotlin
    (Josh Mieczkowski)
October 2018 WebEx
September 2018
  • ADA Workshop introductions. 360iDev Recap. DroidCon NY Recap.
September 2018 WebEx
August 2018
  • WWDC Recap and Learnings presented
    (Ryan Freuh, Tyler Kuntz, Erik Everson, David House and Ben Chatelain)
August 2018 WebEx
June 2018
  • Introducing Kotlin
    (Ryan Newsom)
June 2018 WebEx
May 2018
  • KPMobile’s Voice Assistant
    (Arpitha Shetty)
  • Gradle Analytics
    (Erik Everson)
May 2018 WebEx
March 2018
  • Using Jira for agile project tracking
    (Erik Everson)
March 2018 WebEx
February 2018
  • Log-IT application
    (KP-Mobile PQE team)
February 2018 WebEx
January 2018
  • Atlassian Crucible
    (Andrew Armstrong)
  • KSwift Enums
    (David House)
January 2018 WebEx

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Date Topics Videos
November 2017
  • Kotlin Conference
    (Ryan Newsom and Ben Chatelain)
  • KPMobile Find Doctor
    (Find Doctor team)
November 2017 WebEx
October 2017
  • Realm and the Clinical Facility Model
    (Ben Chatelain)
  • ARKit and Machine Learning in iOS
    (Erik Everson)
October 2017 WebEx
September 2017
  • Dynatrace
    (Lloyd McFarlin)
  • UI Storyboard Protocol in Swift
    (Eric Duenes)
September 2017 WebEx
July 2017
  • Apple WWDC Special Presentation
    (Tyler Kuntz, Ryan Freuh, Leisa Refalo and Vaijayanthi Vyakaranam)
July 2017 WebEx
June 2017
  • Google I/O Special Presentation
    (Brian Kottcamp, Christian Young and Abdul Baqi)
June 2017 WebEx
May 2017
  • Video Visits. Basic Dependency-Injection in iOS
  • KPSecurity’s new obfuscation feature
May 2017 WebEx
April 2017
  • Creating new Pods projects for Cocoapods
  • How to generate JavaDocs
April 2017 WebEx
March 2017
  • KPModuleInterface demo.
  • KPEnvironment
  • New Apple AppStore ratings API
  • Sonar rules configurations
March 2017 Webex
February 2017
  • EMA test service built in Vapor
  • Android KPSecurity and fingerprinting
  • Managed app configs in iOS
February 2017 WebEx
January 2017
  • Happy Fox support system
  • KPAuth UI designs
  • Gradle build enhancements
January 2017 WebEx

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Date Topics Videos
November 2016
  • Using MCOE frameworks in Android
  • Using WorkforceSignOn in iOS
  • A brief guide to using open-source libraries and KPAppInfo
November 2016 WebEx
October 2016
  • CocoaPods – Tips, techniques and wrapping it up with Bundler
  • Universal Links in iOS and app-linking in Android
October 2016 WebEx
September 2016
  • KP Analytics – Implementing the new KP Analytics Android library
  • XCode 8 Extensions – Writing and implementing your own XCode 8 extensions with a sample use case
September 2016 WebEx
August 2016
  • Android Libraries – How to create and host your own library
  • App Store Assets – Packaging app store assets for MCoE distribution
  • Butter Knife – Field and method binding for Android views
August 2016 WebEx
July 2016
  • Accessibility Testing Using AMP for Mobile
  • Getting Started With Sonar
July 2016 WebEx
June 2016
  • Apple WWDC and Google IO Highlights
June 2016 WebEx
May 2016
  • Unit testing overview
  • Mocking & challenges in Swift
  • Protocol oriented programming
  • Unit test examples from FitnessKit framework
  • Viewing code coverage in Xcode
  • Quick & Nimble vs. XCTest
2016 WebEx