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About the Development Team

Located within the Mobility Center of Excellence, we are a team of Developers, QA Engineers, a Product Owner and Scrum Master with expertise in mobile app development, deployment, and integration of various systems to build, quality assure and to deliver mobile applications into one cohesive pipeline.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure your apps are developed consistently and compliant with KP’s Policy.

Notable projects

We support the development of consumer, member, caregiver and workforce apps to the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the KP App Store.

Some notable applications and reusable libraries that we have worked on include:

Flagship icon KP Mobile with Video Visits – iOS, Android
WayFinder icon Wayfinder – iOS, Android
EBW icon Every Body Walk! – iOS, Apple Watch, Android
Product Scan icon Product Scan – iOS, Android
IT Wire icon IT Wire – iOS
KP Security Library – iOS, Android
KP Analytics Library – iOS, Android
KP Consumer Auth – iOS, Android
KP Device – iOS, Android

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