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Workforce Prototypes

The Workforce suite supports mobile productivity for KP employees. These applications would be available on the KP App Store via KP-managed devices.

Note: You must logged in to the Kaiser Permanente network (VPN) to view these videos.

KP Pods

This prototype is a re-design of the MCoE KP Pods demo app which showcases MCoE re-usable components for iOS applications.

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Expense Management Tool

This prototype was designed as a proof of concept if iExpense, iSpent and iApprove were merged into one application. This is only a proof of concept and is not intended as a final product.

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IT Orientation App

The IT Orientation App is designed to help new IT Employees with on-boarding to KP.

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Q4 Event App

This prototype was provided to define the UX/UI design for the Q4 CS&DT (Corporate Services and Digital Technologies) All Hands mobile application. The 2015 theme for CS&DT events was “Monopoly.” This application was styled to reflect that theme.

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