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Provider Prototypes

The Provider suite enables our medical staff to administer the best care to our members. These applications would be available on the KP App Store via KP-managed devices.

Note: You must logged in to the Kaiser Permanente network (VPN) to view these videos.

Case Pick

Case Pick helps Supply Chain Technicians quickly gather the necessary equipment for surgery. Developed in collaboration with the OneLink and Supply Chain teams.

Swipe Interaction

User swipes to skip picking an item in the case.
Expose Name

User presses and holds to show the full name that was truncated.

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Stroke Alert

Stroke Alert was developed as a pilot prototype for the KP Stroke program. MCoE worked directly with Dr. Ruiz to understand the use-case requirements and develop the prototype. Check out the Stroke Alert Case Study for an in depth look at the development of this design.

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ProductScan iPad App

This prototype was designed to help the leadership and dev team better understand the flow of the iPad version of the ProductScan app. Our goal was to design a flow that took advantage of a large screen and showcase the flow with a prototype.

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ProductScan iPhone App

This prototype was developed to help the ProductScan leadership team review proposed UX solutions that would enable users to easily find medical products through barcode scan tools or keyword searches. The prototype was extensively used during demo sessions to discuss the product capabilities and requirements between the scrum team, client and stakeholder groups, which consisted of Physicians, Nurses and Supply Chain representatives.

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