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App Store Branding

Consistent representations of KP applications on the Google Play and Apple App Stores are important for building consumer trust and enforcing KP branding. The guidelines below will help your application align with the Kaiser Permanente mobile application ecosystem.

Consumer Apps

Consumer applications are designed to help KP members thrive. Several applications are available for our members in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. We strive to present a consistent and clear branding experience in the apps stores for each app.

iOS App Store

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App Store

Android Google Play

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Google Play

Regional Identification

If an app is limited for one or more KP regions, the app store has multiple opportunities to clarify the regional identification:

  • The app name and title should include the region.
  • The subhead area of the app description should also contain the app region.
  • Apps may include the regional notification in the first screenshot in the app stores.

Please refer to the criteria and guidelines here in this Regional Identification PDF regarding regional identification.


iTunes App Store Preview Design Kit

The iTunes App Store Preview Design Kit provides a template to preview how your screenshots will appear in iTunes.

iTunes App Store Preview Design Kit download

Competitive Analysis

These Competitive Analysis documents take a look at the mobile app landscape to get a sense for how popular and competing apps represent their products in the app stores.

App Store Competitive Analysis download