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Ideate: Process overview

First Post It
Step 1 (Introduction):

  • Time icon 15 min
  • Introductions by moderators
  • Review of ideation ground rules
  • Opening Remarks
Second Post It
Step 2 (Purpose):

  • Time icon 15 – 20 mins
  • Clearly state the purpose, goals and expected outcomes of the ideation session.
Third Post It
Step 3 (Mindmap):

  • Time icon 30 – 120 mins
  • Ask each group to create a mindmap starting with a main headline problem statement
  • Groups will then add items that contribute to the core problem statement

Fourth Post It
Step 4 (Review):

  • Time icon 30 – 90 mins
  • Review and outline the most impactful contributors and present
Fifth Post It
Step 5 (Personas):

  • Time icon 30 – 120 mins
  • Each group to create a persona that represents a user or stakeholder of the app
  • They will be asked to draw their persona as well as
  • Sketch out each step of the “day in the life” of the persona showing impediments based on mind map
Sixth Post It
Step 6 (Present):

  • Time icon 30 mins
  • Each group to present their persona and reveal how impediments affect their daily routines by describing a day in their life.

Seventh Post It
Step 7 (Features):

  • Time icon 30 – 60 mins
  • Each group to write up features they believe the app should include based upon the two previous exercises (one idea per sticky)
Eighth Post It
Step 8 (Categorize):

  • Time icon 30 – 45 mins
  • Organize and group sticky notes into categories
  • Participants to individually mark their top 3 for each category
  • Top selections will define the Minimum Viable Product and less popular selections will be placed in the backlog

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