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UX Flows

How a designer can create and communicate flows to product owners and developers.

Figma Tool Figma 101 – A Tool Overview
Figma is a design platform that features good tools for UX/UI design, prototyping, collaboration, and specifications.
Hamburger Menu v.Tab Bar Hamburger Menu v. Tab Bar
Determine which navigation style – hamburger or tab bar menu- provides the most intuitive and positive user experience as well which one was preferred by users.
Multi-Step Forms Multi-Step Forms
Breaking down forms or intake processes into simplified steps increases chances of better conversion results.
Search tool Search Tool
Best practices in implementing search functionality.
Sign out button Sign Out Button
Inconsistencies of sign out button locations and design. Provides recommendations for a button standard.
Zeplin tool Zeplin tool
MCoE Design team has been using Zeplin for specs and comps. Learn about the Zeplin tool.